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Quick Takes: On the road again

On the road again with the AS/400

If you live in the land of Gov. Jesse Ventura or in the Pacific Northwest, get ready for the IBM-sponsored roadshow. Learn more about the latest AS/400 announcements and newest technologies, including business-to-business (B2B), supply chain management, Java, Lotus Domino, and Web serving. The event is geared toward IT and MIS managers, networking and Internet professionals, and those interested in e-business on the AS/400.

The tour will visit these cities in October:

Tuesday, Oct. 3 -- Minneapolis

Thursday, Oct. 5 -- Cincinnati

Tuesday, Oct. 10 -- Calgary

Tuesday, Oct. 17 -- Vancouver

Thursday, Oct. 19 -- Seattle

Tuesday, Oct. 31 -- San Francisco

Make forms with the AS/400

Quadrant Software recently released Formtastic, a software package that allows AS/400 users to design and create everything from forms to labels to checks directly on the box.

The product automatically creates and distributes forms, with attachments, from business applications. Purchase orders, invoices, and sales information generated by those applications can be merged with form graphics and then printed. Users can attach terms and conditions and instantly fax that document to a customer, print it to accounts receivable, and email it to sales, all in one step.

In addition, Formtastic contains Forms Designer, a Windows-based GUI used to design document overlays on the PC with AS/400 data. This maximizes flexibility and minimizes time needed for complex logo and watermark graphics.

Pricing starts at $8,400. www.quadrantsoftware.

Tarantella releases Web enabling software

Tarantella, Inc., a subsidiary of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., has announced Tarantella Enterprise 3 Web-enabling software and Tarantella Enterprise 3 ASP Edition software.

Tarantella Enterprise 3 software is designed to support up to 1,000 users per server, and up to 50 servers can be combined into a single array to intelligently balance the server load across geographically dispersed networks, improving scalability and application performance.

The solutions begin shipping Oct. 30.

Tango/04 out with software problem suite

Tango/04 Computing Group unveils Enterprise Problem Solver, a new product suite for managing and solving software problems associated with AS/400 business applications.

Enterprise Problem Solver alerts operators and administrators to critical AS/400 interactive and batch application errors, diagnoses those problems, and in some cases can even debug or resolve those problems on the fly, either locally or over the Internet. The product alerts designated personnel via pager. It can force never-ending loops into normal completion, execute pre-designated commands in response to specific problems, and integrate with a wide range of third-party system management suites.

Hummingbird releases new version of Host Explorer

Enterprise software solution provider Hummingbird Ltd. has announced the release of HostExplorer Version 7.0. With this version, HostExplorer, and all Hummingbird Windows-based, traditional host access products now include full Windows 2000 support, Windows Installer, and five-language localization.

HostExplorer links people and information through host access for TN3270E, TN5250E, VT420 and Telnet applications. It provides a fast, robust, and stable connection to IBM mainframe, AS/400, Linux, and UNIX systems, by presenting a familiar face to a Windows-based desktop. HostExplorer's full-featured functionality includes Jconfig, a Java-based remote configuration tool; ActiveX/COM, OHIO API support, WinHLLAPI/EHLLAPI support; Host and FTP Profiles in Windows Explorer; and GUI LPR support.

New features in HostExplorer 7.0 include: fully COM compliant; IBM 3151 terminal emulation; Full Unicode/International Character Set support; improved keyboard mapping; improved toolbar customization; support for multiple session toolbars; 5250 data transfer.

Version 7.0 of HostExplorer will begin shipping on September 30, 2000.

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