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Quick Takes: Special delivery

Deliver-e intros Web-based system for ERP apps

Deliver-e has released v1.0 of Web:Linc, a Web-based order management system that brings real time integration to existing enterprise or ERP applications.

The solution is intended to ensure the integrity of AS/400 data. Web:Linc features a body of user-defined rules and parameters that act as an automatic check on orders made remotely by customers or suppliers. Entries that fail to comply with these rules and parameters are automatically routed to a customer services representative for manual processing.

Birth of will bring a face to AS/400 data

California Software Corp. recently announced the release of, an e-commerce solution. will make AS/400 applications available to a remote users through the Internet or private networks and offers a suite of programs for providing a graphical interface to AS/400 data.

The new program suite allows users to interact easily with their AS/400 legacy applications using just a Web browser. was designed for use with BABY/GUI, the PC toolkit that facilitates construction of graphical screens for legacy applications. provides a technical pathway to the application service provider (ASP) marketplace, allowing users to rent software services and act as ASP vendors themselves. The client requires only a network connection, browser, and credential to access host applications. /.

New EAI suite from WRQ

WRGintroduces WRQ VeraStream, an enterprise application integration (EAI) suite for AS/400s and other platforms.

Administrators can make legacy business information available to people using VerStream. The product also allows them to integrate additional application systems and provide connections to other data sources without changing legacy systems code. VeraStream also enables e-business by providing noninvasive integration of host applications, databases, third-party software packages, and Web applications. http://

Coglin Mill unveils new Rodin 3.2

Coglin Mill recently unveiled Rodin 3.2, the new version of its data warehousing application for AS/400s and other platforms.

The new version includes enhanced data cleansing, referential integrity, and automatic error handling and reporting functions. The resulting capabilities are not currently possible with SQL tools. Version 3.2 can handle up to 150 million records per hour in some circumstances. It supports parallel loading capabilities. /.

Esker releases updated emulator application for the AS/400

Esker has released Tun Plus V11.0, a new version of its PC-to-host, Web-to-host, and multi-user Windows emulation package that supports 5250 for AS/400 hosts.

Tun Plus 11.0 adds a more flexible licensing method that lets users deploy Tun Plus for any access methods, manage those methods centrally, and freely upgrade between methods as needed. The Tun Plus All-Access license is a node-based model for deploying host access on any platform and migrating between access alternatives seamlessly.

Other new features include improved security for sessions using triple DES encryption and X.509 certificates for server/browser authentication; an administrative wizard that simplifies setup for new users; and a session import/export capability that lets users import Tun Plus sessions into Web-to-host sessions.

Renex unveils connectivity utility

Renex Corporation has released eZGate Host Access Server, a hardware/software bundle that provides desktop-to-host and Web-to-host connectivity to AS/400s and mainframes.

The product is offered on Intel hardware and includes a full complement of Renex software products for client-to-host connectivity, including eZ5250, eZ3270, BlueZone, Renex Web Manager, and Renex Security Server. http://www.

Ascent releases enhanced AS/400 file utility

Ascent Solutions recently unveiled PKZIP AS/400 4.0, an enhanced version of its file-compression utility for the AS/400.

Version 4.0 incorporates a new algorithm that improves product performance, supports PKZIP storage of OS/400 attributes for PF-SRC and PF-DTA file types. It also lets users store Integrated File System and PC shared folders directly on AS/400s, then compress and decompress them on the AS/400 without using a PC intermediary.

Users can download the new version and user manual directly from Ascent's Web site; it will be available through the mail on October 2. .

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