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System i software wrap

In this iSeries software product wrap, we look at new applications from Linoma Software, CenturioDB, Help/Systems and Seagull Software.

Linoma bolsters encryption on its backup software

Linoma Software has launched a new version of Transfer Anywhere, a product that customers can use to back up their iSeries servers and encrypt tapes. The Ashland, Neb., company brought native OS/400 commands to the software at the beginning of this year for encryption, but with its new version 1.8 due out this month, Linoma said Transfer Anywhere is an even better option for backup.

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The software uses Advanced Encryption Standard, the performance of which it said it has improved four-fold. It also has a new command for OS/400 Save File objects. However, it doesn't offer more advanced backup features, like tape management and hierarchical storage management, and so it is better suited for the small to midsized businesses that have been doing manual backups and need to start encryption.

The software is available now and starts at about $4,000.

CenturioDB can run SQL commands remotely

CenturioDB has released software allowing iSeries managers to execute database commands without having to leave the green screen or run separate query tools.

The German software company's product is also called CenturioDB and works with Oracle, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server and Access. The company said it can set up support for other relational databases for customers on an as-needed basis. Customers use an interface from CenturioDB to call the program from a host application so that they can input their desired SQL commands, which are then sent to the database server.

There is an additional product tied into CenturioDB that also allows users to point the program to the table and action desired, rather than directly entering SQL commands. Next month, the company plans to have support for XML and Excel documents.

CenturioDB is available now, with licenses costing $1,750. Support for the time being is from Germany only.

Help/Systems improves key encryption with new version of Robot/SAVE

Help/Systems Inc. last week released a new version of Robot/Save, its backup and recovery software for the System i, iSeries and AS/400 shops. The Eden Prairie, Minn.-based company said the new version has souped up encryption, which allows customers to read a backup tape only if they have a set of proper keys.

If the same iSeries machine that did the initial encryption is doing to decryption, the recovery is automatic. If the tape needs to be recovered in some other manner, the user must provide a series of pass codes that were used to encrypt the tapes, depending on how many of the four levels of encryption the original tape was coded with.

The new version is available now, with prices ranging from $7,300 to $67,500, depending on the commercial processing workload (CPW) of the System i machine.

Seagull Software aims at SOA with new version of LegaSuite

Seagull Software Systems Inc. has released the latest version of its LegaSuite product, which aims to help iSeries and other IT shops modernize their legacy applications.

LegaSuite is the Atlanta company's flagship software and is able to work with many platforms, including the iSeries, to do things such as screen scraping to bring a legacy application to the Web or translating green-screen applications into XML, Java, or other Web-friendly interfaces. The goal is to help companies implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA) environment that makes their applications more modern and friendly for employees and customers.

LegaSuite is scheduled to be generally available in October, with development tool licenses starting at $10,000 and runtime licenses based on the number of processors.

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