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System i product news: Tango, Intellinx, Xandros and Quadrant

Software providers launch new tools for System i, including auditing software, DB2 utilities and others.

Data Monitor for iSeries 2.0 from Tango
Tango/04 Computing Group released the new version 2.0 of its record-level auditing solution for sensitive data stored on IBM DB2 UDB for iSeries databases. Tango said the latest release introduces powerful new auditing capabilities, including auditing of read access to records in iSeries databases. The software is used to capture all insert, update and delete transactions performed on specific records in sensitive tables, alerting security officers when integrity and confidentiality of data are at risk.

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Tango/04 Data Monitor for iSeries 2.0 has new reporting features and an enhanced interface to help companies identify potential security breaches faster and allow them to act before any incident impacts their business significantly. Audit trail databases with a history of changes and accesses performed on any sensitive table can be stored in the iSeries -- or an external secure server -- to generate reports on demand using the integrated Reporting System module.

Tango said the new software will help iSeries shops perform risk management and regulatory compliance by meeting data auditing requirements specified in the COBIT, ISO 17799 and ISO 27001 best practice methodologies to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Basel II Agreement, FDA's 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, California's SB 1386 and European privacy laws.

Intellinx rolls out user behavior tracking for legacy systems
New York-based Intellinx Ltd., an end-user behavior tracking company, introduced Intellinx Version 2 of its internal security software. The new version expands platform support to include legacy systems as well as client/server and web.

Intellinx Version 2 provides recording and analysis of end-user activity across internal business applications. Configurable business rules analyze screen content, track user behavior patterns and trigger alerts on exceptions in real-time. Internal auditors can immediately zoom-in on specific suspects and replay their actions in a screen-by-screen, keystroke-by-keystroke manner.

"The business need for detailed tracking of end-user activity at the application level is real, as applications are vulnerable to both internal and external attacks," says Joseph Feiman, Research VP at Gartner. "Performing this task is highly challenging considering the mix of platforms that most large corporations utilize to run their mission-critical applications (e.g. IBM mainframes, AS/400, client-server and web); mix of legacy and newly written applications; and mix of technologies (from Cobol to Java and from CICS to Web Service)."

Intellinx Version 2 generates a detailed forensic audit trail of user access to corporate applications and data, including both update and read-only transactions. This cross-application, cross-platform audit trail allows internal auditors to investigate suspicious events using comprehensive online queries. For example, auditors can search for all users who accessed a specific account number during a specific timeframe in any application and on any platform in a single query. The Intellinx audit trail also enables compliance with government regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel 2, and privacy regulations, such as GLBA and HIPAA.

Based on patent-pending sniffing technology, the Intellinx agent-less architecture generates no overhead. The system runs on a separate server with no need to install anything on host or clients and with no need to change any application code.

Xandros Server certified "Ready for IBM DB2 Software for Linux"
New York-based Xandros announced that its Xandros Server has been certified by IBM as "Ready for IBM DB2 Software for Linux". Xandros engineers worked together with IBM's DB2 Group to put Xandros Server through a rigorous set of compatibility tests that give IBM the confidence to officially support the DB2 Universal Database on the Xandros Server environment.

"We are very proud that Xandros Server is the first Linux server to be certified to both DB2 and the latest Linux Standards Base 3.1 specifications," said Andreas Typaldos, Xandros CEO in a statement. "DB2 certification is an important requirement for many of our customers running industrial strength database applications. Delivering the certification in a standards-based Debian Linux environment with integrated BRU backup facilities provides unprecedented security and freedom of choice to SMBs."

Quadrant Software Releases V4.7.0 of FastFax
Tampa, Florida-based Quadrant Software released version V4.7.0 of its line of eFax servers for the iSeries 400 and Windows enterprise. The V4.7.0 release is available for all versions of FastFax including FastFax/Enterprise, FastFax/Ultra, and FastFax/LAN.

FastFax replaces manual fax machines with secure batch and interactive faxing from iSeries 400 running mission-critical business applications such as Infor, Oracle (JD Edwards), and SSA Global Technologies. FastFax products allow users to transmit, receive, and centrally manage their faxes, and in some cases emails, directly from their desktop.

FastFax automatically saves all faxes and emails -- both inbound and outbound --as either a TIF or PDF file within a designated directory. Additionally, the FastFax administrator can determine the indexing criteria for those documents - thus allowing users to quickly find and retrieve saved communications and enhance document management. FastFax also integrates with archival packages such as IntelliChief, Vanguard, Gauss, and RVI.

In addition to the alerts provided in previous releases, FastFax now alerts senders that their faxes have been received. Upon receipt of a fax from a designated source, FastFax will automatically send a one page confirmation containing an image of the received transmission to the sender.

Additional API commands have been added to FastFax V4.7.0 as well as expanded support for managing inbound and outbound faxes from Lotus Domino 7.0 and Novell GroupWise 7.0. In addition, all FastFax products now support IBM iSeries Operating System V5R4.

FastFax/Enterprise V4.7.0 starts at $10,700 for new purchases. Upgrade is free for existing customers on maintenance.

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