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Introducing new products from Spring COMMON 2006 editors were on hand to gather the latest buzz on new iSeries products at the Spring COMMON in Minneapolis. Check out the latest product news from SystemObjects Corp., Looksoftware, LANSA and more. editors were on hand to gather the latest buzz on new iSeries products at the Spring COMMON Conference in Minneapolis. Check out the latest product news from SystemObjects Corp., Looksoftware, LANSA and more.

SystemObjects Corp. announces Ajax for JACi400

SystemObjects Corp., New York, NY, unveils Ajax for JACi400. Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) for JACi400 is a new way to create i5 Web applications for WebSphere Application Server or Tomcat with a human interface.

According to SystemObjects, with Ajax you can zoom into Google Maps, use the cursor to move the map, and everything happens almost instantly, with no waiting for pages to reload.

Looksoftware announces new enhancements to soarchitect

Looksoftware, Kennesaw, GA. announces significant enhancements to soarchitect that enable iSeries Software Vendors (ISV's) to offer their existing solutions as a service offering. According to Looksoftware, soarchitect creates Web services from existing iSeries applications, providing a practical path for iSeries vendors and customers to SOA. Looksoftware provides an overview of "Software-as-a-Service."

LANSA announces a new way to bring green-screen applications into the modern age

LANSA, Downers Grove, Ill. announces Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP). RAMP is an incremental process with three stages that is based around two new tools that extend the capabilities of the Visual LANSA Framework.

  • Stage 1: A working prototype of the modernized application is produced.
  • Stage 2: The prototype is brought to life by interacting directly with the underlying 5250 application.
  • Stage 3: The full power of LANSA 2005 is used to progressively replace 5250-based screens with platform-independent LANSA components to produce a modern repository-based LANSA application that can run on iSeries, Windows, UNIX, or Linux platforms.
  • RAMP will be shipped summer of 2006.

    Business Computer Design (BCD) makes three announcements at COMMON

    Business Computer Design (BCD), Chicago, IL, announces a new Beta version of the Nexus that includes portals, enterprise content management, and executive dashboards. According to BCD, Nexus makes organizing key desktop resources even easier than it was in previous releases of the tool. Nexus presents a secure and consistent framework for consolidating an expansive array of Web applications and tools. For a limited time, BCD is offering Nexus to all iSeries – i5 installations license Free for only the cost of annual maintenance.

    Secondly, BCD Launches SmartCharts Real Time Charts and KPIs for the Web. SmartCharts is a real-time graphing tool for IBM iSeries and System i5 users. According to BCD, SmartCharts makes it easy for managers and others to track KPIs and other key business metrics with elegant graphical views that can update as performance data changes.

    BCD's third release is Clover. Clover generates HTML formatted reports and queries for display in browsers. These reports materialize in minutes in an point-and-click PC-based development environment.

    RJS Software Systems Releases XML-based Electronic Forms Software

    RJS Software Systems, Burnsville, MN. announces an agreement with Avnet Partner Solutions, a distributor of enterprise servers, storage, software and services, and a division of Avnet, Inc., to market a new software solution that addresses information management needs in the insurance industry. The solution, called the Information Management Suite for Insurance, is a software package designed to help insurers streamline policy administration, claims processing and general business information management. Four integrated components make up the suite and work together to give insurers more efficient ways to access, capture, store and process business information. The suite consists of:

  • WebForms –A Web-based XML forms program that makes data collection with ACORD and other forms quick and easy.

  • WebDocs – A document management system that allows users to electronically store and manage paper and electronic documents, forms and files.

  • Enterprise Workflow – A workflow engine that allows users to electronically create, control and monitor processes such as claims, renewals and new customer acquisitions.

  • WebConnect – A Web portal that allows users to securely access company resources like network files, business programs, email, calendars using a single login.

  • Elite Document Solutions, Inc. announces its latest addition to its File Cabinet, Archive & Retrieval solution for the iSeries/i5

    Elite Document Solutions, Inc. , Lake Forest, CA, announces its browser-based retrieval for File Cabinet, Archive & Retrieval solution. This new module allows users and customers to access business documents via any browser.

    According to Elite, all of their document management solutions are i5/iSeries based and incorporate minimal windows applications to create the graphical overlays and allow for the viewing of documents and reports as PDF files directly from the i5/iSeries. Now Elite is incorporating the ability to include the Web access of these documents, as well.

    SoftLanding completes TurnOver's transition to Eclipse technology

    SoftLanding Systems, Peterborough, N.H., announces the completion of TurnOver Change Management's transition to Eclipse-based technology -- a major milestone in TurnOver's evolution -- as well as its compatibility with OS/400 V5R4. The redevelopment of TurnOver over the Eclipse platform keeps the change management solution in step with IBM's commitment to bring a more open Integrated Development Environment to the iSeries platform via the Eclipse-based WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries (WDSC). TurnOver's Eclipse underpinnings ensure complete interoperability with WDSC, faster delivery of significant enhancements, simplified setup and maintenance of the TurnOver solution, and improved usability.

    ComponentOne releases ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2006 v1

    ComponentOne, Pittsburgh, PA, announces ComponentOne Doc-To-Help 2006 v1. This new version enhances the help authoring experience with powerful new features and functionality for Documenter, NetHelp, and more.

    According to ComponetOne, This release strengthens their solutions by addressing three important needs Help Authors are facing: complete conversion of RoboHelp projects, robust web-based Help creation, and flexible .NET documentation.

    Integrated Custom Software, Inc. announces FormSprintCV

    Integrated Custom Software, Inc., Glastonbury, CT introduces FormSprintCV as an optional module complimenting their FormSprint laser forms generation and document management software package. FormSprintCV provides conversion of electronic forms to PDF or TIFF format and display of forms and data on a PC screen to assist form development.

    FormSprintCV is server-based software to take the overhead from the PDF or TIFF conversion off the AS/400. The result is rapid conversion even of large files.

    FormSprintCV also displays the PCL output of FormSprint on a PC screen, either from the form definition screens or after merging the form with data. This gives the form developer a quick view of their form or form and data without having to print it out while preserving the precision and ease of use inherent in the FormSprint form editor.

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