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New tools and services for System i5

Software vendors roll out high availability services and software, new RPG externalizing and Web-development tools.

Lakeview rolls out high availability, vaulting services

Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.-based Lakeview Technology recently unveiled new Mimix Vault managed services, targeted at the SMB market. The offering is designed to help IT pros recover their applications from an outage while they focus on running their businesses.

The service is powered by Lakeview's packaged high availability software, Mimix. The company claims the service is easy to manage. Highlights include flexible recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives. The service offers cross-platform vaulting capabilities for i5/OS, Windows, Linux, and Unix.

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EVault launches new backup and recovery software

EVault, Inc. released a new version of its EVault iSeries backup and recovery software. The iSeries Agent Version 5.3 incorporates new enhancements to the Emeryville, Calif.-based company's DeltaPro technology.

EVault claims the enhanced DeltaPro technology offers improved data backup and restoration performance -- up to 1000 times faster than previous versions. The EVault agent accepts a backup stream of data from the iSeries server via an application programming interface. The agent software then parses the data stream, applying efficient algorithms to minimize detectable data changes. EVault said this minimizes the total amount of data transferred over the wire, resulting in a faster backup and reduced amount of data stored on the vault.

In addition, Version 5.3 offers other new features, including:

  • Cold or hot backups of native DB2 databases, allowing for journaling or database trigger methods while in Save While Active mode.
  • Parallel backups/restores which allow multiple backup/restore tasks to occur simultaneously across multiple logical partitions.
  • Enhanced compression, so backup data is encrypted from the server to vault, and typical DB2 databases are compressed on average 10:1.

    The software is available now for both EVault InfoStage software and EVault Protect managed services. EVault InfoStage base list pricing starts at $16,000. EVault iSeries Agent licenses are based on the specific iSeries model, and are priced starting at $975.

    Applied Logic Releases New Tool for "Externalizing" File Definitions in RPG

    Applied Logic Corporation, a developer of iSeries programmer software, announces the release of RPG/Externalizer for modernizing legacy applications. RPG/Externalizer is an automated system for converting RPG programs with program described file definitions. The programs are automatically modernized to use external definitions.

    The Keizer, Oregon-based company said through RPG/Externalizer:

  • File definitions are automatically retrieved from compiled defined files
  • File specifications are changed from program defined to externally defined
  • Optional prefixes are appended to field names
  • Input specifications are removed
  • Override input specifications are added for record identification indicators, control breaks, matching records and field conditioning
  • Input subroutines are created to move file fields to program fields
  • Indexed files are modified to use key lists
  • Output specifications are removed
  • Output subroutines are created
  • Issues requiring user review are flagged

    RPG/Externalizer is available for a one time $895 license fee.

    Profound Logic offers version 5.20 of RPG Smart Pages

    Profound Logic Software released version 5.20 of RPG Smart Pages, its Web development environment for the iSeries. The latest release includes many new features designed to ease the task of developing RPG-based Web applications, as well as traditional RPG programs.

    Profound Logic claims one of the most exciting new features is an advanced Fixed Format to Free Format conversion tool. Developers can convert entire programs or sections of code by highlighting the desired lines and selecting the option to covert to free format. The tool will instantly convert any fixed format code that has equivalent free format syntax. The process will even convert obsolete opcodes, such as ADD, to the recommended free-format syntax. When the conversion tool runs into operations that are not supported in free format, such as CALL or PARM, the process is intelligent enough to END-FREE, ignore the operations, and start a new FREE section as necessary.

    RPGsp 5.20 also offers more options for session variables. Session variables can now be stored in a database file. The new storage system can be implemented with a simple procedure call, and requires no significant modification to existing applications. Developers still have the option of using the traditional method of storing session variables.

    Other enhancements include new Web development server-side functions, a streamlined upgrade process, and a new wizard to automatically write the code for processing existing HTML forms. A fully functional trial of RPGsp is available for download on the company's site.

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