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iSeries marketing exec resigns

Peter Bingaman, marketing vice president for the iSeries, resigned from his position last week. Hailed as a marketing hero, Bingaman had been instrumental in the iSeries' marketing makeover.

Last week, iSeries marketing vice president Peter Bingaman left Big Blue for a position at LexisNexis, an online law research company. The move comes after 15 months in the iSeries marketing role.

Bingaman -- along with iSeries general manager Mark Shearer -- had been widely credited for turning around public perception of the iSeries during 2005. While it wasn't exactly mission accomplished, many within the industry saw Bingaman as taking the platform's message in the right direction.

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During Bingaman's tenure the platform had managed to rally three strong quarters in revenues, despite a recent drop due to customers waiting for a forthcoming platform refresh.

"Certainly, last quarter notwithstanding, the iSeries has gotten back on the tracks this past year. Mark Shearer has to be given a lot of the credit but successes like this are almost always the result of the work of a good executive team -- rather than just the person at the top," said Gordon Haff, analyst with Nashua-N.H.-based Illuminata.

While it's obvious that Bingaman will be missed, experts expect the iSeries to keep up its momentum. With a highly anticipated product revamp around the corner and the rest of the management team still intact, analysts have high expectations for 2006, despite Bingaman's absence.

"With iSeries back in play, the rest of the iSeries management team intact, and the next version of Power5 on the horizon, I don't expect Bingaman's departure to have serious consequences over the long term," said. Charles King, principal analyst with Hayward, Calif.-based Pund-IT Research.

No replacement has been named at this time.

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This article is from January 2006 . . . ?
Wy this article is so old and only now is being used
Hi Kaiser/procek - how did you come across this article? You're right, it is an older news story. It may have gotten an update that caused it to be featured for you, so curious how you found it. 
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