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Readers respond to pending V5R4 release

The forthcoming V5R4 i5 operating system will likely become available within the next few weeks. Earlier this week we asked iSeries pros about plans for the upcoming launch.

Though IBM is keeping the release date under wraps, the forthcoming V5R4 i5 operating system will likely become available within the next few weeks. The news has been awash with rumors and promises, but IBM is reluctant to get into specifics just yet. Earlier this week we asked iSeries pros about their plans and wishes for the upcoming launch. Here is a sampling of the responses.

V5R4 wishlist

There are only a few things that would make many peoples' lives easier. These need to be included in V5R4 for free format:

  • I would like to be able to declare a file(s) in a subprocedure and have that file(s) local to the subprocedure itself, including, as an example, the SETLL, CHAIN, etc.

    Additionally, make e-mail more configurable and work seamlessly with Outlook. It is time for IBM to stop fighting with Microsoft. Whatever you think of Microsoft, the vast majority of people on the planet use their software. So when I use InfoPrint Server and want to imbed HTML in the body of the message, I don't want my HTML to be added as attachments. I want them to appear in the body of my e-mail and not hear the excuse, "Well tell your clients to use Lotus Notes or Eudora". All this takes is a change on how the e-mail header is written. We are not talking rocket science here.

    Lastly, let's make the iSeries friendlier to .NET. Having the best database on the planet loses value when writing .NET code is as fun as having your teeth pulled. It seems that IBM has missed the fact that they can promote their machine as "the one solution". I can have a great Web or application interface to populate my database, and run my batch processing as fast as lightning on the same machine. But I am not going to write that interface in Java. I (and many other shops) want/use .Net. And they require a machine to handle that.

    Dave P.

    OS included

    For more information:

    IBM's new operating system V5R4

    Prepare for V5R4 or other upgrades

    Personally, I have not done any research into V5R4 as of yet as we have just completed our upgrade to V5R3 on our 820. I believe we have budgeted for a new system next year so I would assume that since the new box would probably have V5R4 loaded on it that we would start using it next year.


    V5R4 on an old 820?

    We are still on V5R2 and plan to tackle V5R3 the first half of 2006. We're not even sure if we can run V5R4 on our old 820.


    What to look at before you upgrade

    Follow the Software Installation manual. It is very clear re: pre-req PTFs and any other tasks that should be performed before the upgrade. Check with your hardware/software supplier (IBM) for any additional PTFs.

    Do a proper audit of the V5.1 system and resolve any problems before the upgrade:

  • Licensed programs that can be deleted
  • PTFs that have not been applied
  • Licensed program problems

    I also do a RCLSTG and RCLDLO before the upgrade. My policy is that I want to know the exact status of the system before any upgrade.

    John D.

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