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New products and updates for the iSeries

New iSeries software: I/O Concepts adds iSeries support for management tools; NetManage tweaks iSeries SOA product; and Outbound calling assistance from iMessaging Systems.

Outbound calling software from iMessaging Systems

Merrimack, N.H.-based iMessaging Systems, Inc. expanded its iSeries-centric suite of telephony tools. The release of iAgent Directed Dialer for the iNspire Call Center Suite assists customer service representatives (CSRs) placing outbound calls.

The Directed Dialer may be used in two ways: First, the system is useful for CSRs who normally service inbound callers but have an occasional need to place an outbound call. Second, the system provides significant productivity gains for CSRs whose major responsibility includes making outbound calls.

According to iMessaging Systems, the iAgent Directed Dialer delivers these advantages:

  • Reduces CSR dialing errors.
  • Frees up valuable CSR time by eliminating manual dialing.
  • Improves CSR productivity because dialing may be directed by a call list that has been prioritized and sequenced for maximum efficiency.
  • Removes missed calls with program-controlled calling and re-queuing.
  • Enhances CSR productivity by customizing the dialing process and delivering a "screen pop" of any iSeries application with the call connection.
  • Provides an iSeries-based call list making call detail and history readily available.
  • Increases visibility of CSR productivity with comprehensive management reports.

    I/O Concepts adds iSeries support for management tools

    Bellevue, Wash.-based I/O Concepts, Inc. announced support of IBM iSeries in its Enterprise Management System (EMS) software. EMS is a multi-platform management software suite designed to improve the efficiency of operations staff and lower the overall cost of managing complex computing environments.

    EMS supports IBM eServer platforms including iSeries, pSeries, xSeries and zSeries, and competitive equivalents, running operating systems like MVS, z/OS, z/VM, OS/400, Linux, AIX, Solaris and Microsoft Windows.

    "Our large customers told us we needed to integrate AS/400 and iSeries support into EMS to help them lower their operating costs and increase operational efficiency," said Bill Redinger, vice president of sales and marketing at I/O Concepts.

    iSeries support includes integration with existing EMS facilities and allows IT pros to monitor and manage a large number of local and remote iSeries systems from a single console, and even share that console amongst multiple operators securely. The iSeries features of EMS can gather, and act upon, a wide variety of system and usage information, including audit trails that can assist with regulatory compliance.

    iSeries support in the EMS is available now and pricing is dependant on the configuration of the organizations computing environment.

    NetManage tweaks iSeries SOA product

    Cupertino, Calif.-based NetManage, Inc, a software company that provides Web enabling and integrating, recently extended the capabilities of its OnWeb product for the iSeries. OnWeb enables iSeries users to transform existing host applications into Web applications and integrate these systems into an SOA-based environment.

    For more information:

    Updates and enhancements to your iSeries tools

    iSeries Applications

    According to NetManage, OnWeb for iSeries provides HTML publishing options using minimal system resources. OnWeb does not require the use of a separate run-time server. The software is capable of combining information from multiple 5250 applications, databases or RPG applications and publishing the result directly in HTML or delivering it as a Web service, JavaBean, EJB or .NET Assembly.

    OnWeb for iSeries will be available directly from NetManage, as well as through independent software vendors. NetManage OnWeb for iSeries provides for processor-based pricing, in which pricing per processor starts at $6K for Power5 iSeries systems.

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