iSeries product news: LaserVault unveils PC-based backup software

LaserVault, an iSeries document management firm, launched software Tuesday that uses PC hardware instead of tape for i5 backup.

Tulsa, Okla.-based iSeries ISV LaserVault announced Tuesday it had released a new virtualized backup system for i5 computer systems that uses PC hardware instead of tape in an effort to cut backup costs for iSeries shops.

According to LaserVault, a non-native document management firm, the software is designed to take advantage of the lower cost of PC hardware to replace hundreds to thousands of tape cartridges and eliminate tape failure and manual handling.

The product, LaserVault Backup ST, runs on both Windows and the host, and executes simple backup and restore commands similar to native save and restore commands for the iSeries.

Saved libraries and objects are stored on the PC with a data catalog, allowing the i5 operator to backup multiple versions of the host data over time.

According to LaserVault, the PC server connects to the host through TCP/IP at up to 1 Gbps, which it said provides faster backup times than most tape drives or libraries. The PC files can then be compressed up to 22 times smaller than the host files.

LaserVault Backup supports internal and external disk drives and can create two copies of the backup during download. Backups can be exported from the PC catalog to create new catalogs, such as a daily backup set written to DVD.

Backup ST is designed to replace a single backup tape device and is available for download at the company's Web site now. The software supports IBM OS/400 V4R3, up to and including the current release of i5/OS.

LaserVault said in a release that future products in this series will include Advanced Encryption Standard encryption of backups, multiple virtual backup devices on a single server and electronic postmarking of backup sets to provide tamper-proof backup.

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The software supports IBM OS/400 V4R3, up to and including the current release of i5/OS.

More new tools for the iSeries

Saranac Lake, N.Y.-based Kisco Information Systems, an iSeries software and consulting firm, announced this week the immediate availability of version 8.0 of its WebReport/400 package, a utility that converts iSeries and AS/400 reports and distributes them in e-mail or as Internet/intranet content.

Kisco said 8.0 features expanded tool functionalities and administration capabilities. Other features include a new Message Monitor function, which lets your iSeries administrator monitor any message queue in the system, get an e-mail notification when messages are received and new address book and file naming options.

IBM development partner iTera, a high availability integration firm based out of Salt Lake City, has rolled out Echo2 High Availability 4.2, which includes autonomic features that the company said will increase the ease of use and reliability of high availability technology on the iSeries.

New functionalities include a concurrent audit healing tool that reduces the delay between the discovery of a data integrity problem and its resolution; an apply accelerator that improves the performance of the apply process (applying journaled record changes to the mirrored data file) when large bursts of transactions occur; and a self-diagnostic process that can be configured to run at regular intervals to help ensure audit tests are never skipped or forgotten.

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