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IBM rolls out new SAN I/O processor

Big Blue unveiled a storage area network I/O processor for the iSeries Tuesday that eliminates the requirement for an internal load source.

IBM has rolled out a new i5 I/O processor for a storage area network (SAN) load source that eliminates the requirement for an internal load source.

Traditionally, iSeries users have used an internal disk to meet their storage needs. But several factors have pushed iSeries shops to adopt SANs of late, including compliance requirements and mixed platform environments.

The new processor, known as the 2847 I/OP, is designed to improve system availability and optimize floor spacing requirements, thanks to flexible I/O attachment options. According to iSeries senior technical staffer Amit Dave, the 2847 I/OP should help ease connectivity issues for SAN users and will allow customers to boot to their SAN directly.

"Until now if you wanted to attach to an SAN, you [had] to buy one internal load source disk unit," Dave said. "What our customers wanted was that if they decided to go to a SAN, they wanted to remove the requirement of limited internal storage and go to the SAN directly."

Customers ordering this new processor, which will support products under Project Shark that include the storage ESS model 800 and the SAN DS6000 and DS8000 model families, will be required to update their system licenses internally and install prerequisite hardware, software and firmware updates before putting in the 2847 I/OP.

IBM said it will automatically order the appropriate software for those customers at no additional charge.

The 2847 I/OP will also offer support for FlashCopy with network system enhancements that will allow target system participation.

Minimum SAN configurations requirements include one 2847 I/OP for Fibre Channel i5/OS load source per system or LPAR, and two for redundant path protection with additional LUN defined for mirroring load source inside an IBM TotalStorage subsystem.

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