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Quadrant rolls out paperless process management tool

IBM partner Quadrant Software unveiled a new tool at COMMON last week, saying it can eliminate a company's need for paper.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Hate dealing with paper? Well, Quadrant Software thinks you do, and last week they rolled out an application that will help get rid of paper altogether.

After three years in the making, Mansfield, Mass.-based Quadrant Software unveiled IntelliChief, a paperless process management tool (PPM), at last week's COMMON user group expo. IntelliChief is an electronic document manager, a paperless system for creating, managing, processing, archiving and retrieving business content throughout its lifecycle.

Quadrant views IntelliChief as a potentially game-changing tool, saying it increases security, allows for centralized document retention and makes it much easier for companies to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations.

According to Quadrant president and co-founder Gary Langton, IntelliChief is the first tool in the market to bring all the various PPM concepts together into a single application. And Langton said IntelliChief not only makes life easier for an iSeries-based organization, but cheaper as well.

"It all comes down to cost," Langton said. "[With] the ability to manage your documents electronically instead of using paper, you see huge cost savings across the organization."

In PPM, paper-based documents are converted to electronic documents in formats such as .pdf, TIFF and BMP, while existing digital documents are filed in their native formats. PPM can archive anything from spool file documents to engineering computer-aided design drawings into electronic documents, and secures them by locking them out to everyone but authorized users.

Once the documents are centralized using PPM technology, they move throughout the organization using SOX-compliant workflow technology. The central archive then manages security and access to the documents until they are ultimately destroyed, which is the final phase of PPM.

Langton said going paperless has more tangible benefits as well. In an organization stuck using paper documents, only one person can view it at a time. But by using PPM technology, multiple people can view the same document at the same time, without worrying about losing or misfiling a piece of paper.

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Langton also points to a much simpler reason for PPM -- reducing clutter. A company without paper is a company without clutter, he said.

"When you can move a document around quicker and more efficiently, ultimately you are going to save money," Langton said. "This product can implemented across the organization."

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