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COMMON: Products ease iSeries development, administration

The expo at the Fall COMMON User Conference was buzzing with the latest product news from RJS Software, BOSaNOVA, Lakeview and Aldon.

The expo at the Fall COMMON User Conference was buzzing with the latest product news from RJS Software, BOSaNOVA, Lakeview and Aldon.

RJS Software unveils new features for WebDocs
The first of RJS Software Systems announcements involved giving its WebDocs Document and Image Management software a new open source interface.

According to RJS Software, the WebDocs Open Web interface software is ideal for customers who want to quickly improve customer and vendor service by providing electronic images, reports and other PC documents via the Web in a secure environment.

A secondary benefit to the WebDocs Open Interface is for customers who want to separate the document management software Web pages from the iSeries to keep the iSeries from being directly exposed to the Internet. With the WebDocs Open Web interface, Web pages can live on a server that can be accessed via the Internet while the iSeries is kept secure behind a corporate firewall.

The second update to WebDocs is RJS Software's Web-hosted, CPA-specific version of the software.

WebDocs CPA provides CPAs with a companywide solution for electronically storing, managing and distributing documents. It allows users to scan and electronically manage tax and audit documents, production reports, existing PC files, faxes, and email all from a Web-based application.

WebDocs CPA is RJS Software's first foray into industry-specific versions of its products. It expects to have products for the high education and manufacturing markets in the future as well.

BOSaNOVA announces new thin client model
BOSaNOVA Inc. announced the addition to its thin client product family -- the BOSÂNOVA XTC-733 "All-In-One" thin client. This model directly addresses the requirement for a zero-footprint, integrated LCD thin client for the enterprise. It is available immediately through BOSaNOVA¹s resellers.

Features of the new BOSÂNOVA XTC-733 All-In-One Thin Client:

  • Based on a 733Mhz Processor with 512MB Flash and 256MB RAM
  • Zero Footprint 17² LCD Flat Panel monitor with optional touch screen
  • 10/100 Fast Ethernet, PS2 Keyboard and mouse, one serial, one parallel and two type 2 USB ports
  • Full 16 bit stereo support with built-in speakers and microphone
  • Optional 802.11g internal wireless
  • Powered by Microsoft Windows SP2 XPe operating system
  • IE 6.0, MS JVM, Sun JVM, RDP 5.2, and ICA 9 (Presentation Server Client) as well as Citrix web client (NFuse) are included for access to served applications
  • Embedded emulations include BOSÂNOVA Secure GUI TN5250e with SSL and SSO.
  • Optional Ericom Powerterm Emulation suite including TN3270e, VT100, VT220, VT400, SCO, Wyse 60 etc.
  • MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel viewers
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader V7.0
  • Windows Media Player 10
  • BOSaNOVA Management software

For more information, visit www.

BOSaNOVA announces iSeries console line
BOSaNOVA Inc. added three new products to its console line -- BOSaNOVA operations Console Twinax, Ethernet and Serial. The products directly address the requirement to provide reliability, ease of use and remote console access.

Features of the new BOSÂNOVA Operations Console:

  • Based on the 1GHz VIA C3 processor with 256MB RAM and 512MB DOM
  • Powered by Microsoft Windows XPe (SP2) Operating System
  • BOSaNOVA Management software
  • PS2 mouse and keyboard, two serial ports, one parallel port, PCI and PCMCIA expansion, four USB type 2 ports, audio in and out, DVI Video, external power supply and optional built in WiFi 802.11B/G
  • VNC
  • 122-key keyboard support

The base price of $895 includes a comprehensive three-year advance exchange warranty, priority technical support and software updates.

Lakeview enhances high availability products
Lakeview Technology announced significant enhancements to its MIMIX ha1 and MIMIX ha Lite high availability products. Now these products provide at-a-glance status summaries, high-performance navigation and additional deeper, richer autonomics, enabling users to quickly identify and resolve issues within their HA environment and with minimal operator intervention.

The most visible enhancement is two new interfaces -- a simplified 5250 green screen interface and a redesigned graphical user interface, the MIMIX Availability Manager. Both interfaces let users immediately know the complete status of their replication environments at-a-glance. The 5250 interface''s color-coded status bars summarize replication status, audits/notifications and service conditions.

The new MIMIX Availability Manager, the GUI formerly named MIMIX Browser, offers an enterprise view of all MIMIX ha1 and MIMIX ha Lite installations. It gives users at-a-glance status so they know the condition of their HA installations quickly and easily.

Additional autonomic functionality for databases extend the self-managing and self-healing capabilities, which were added in June. Replication issues are now automatically identified and repaired within complex database environments. In addition, attribute level self-healing performs laser-precise correction of only unsynchronized attributes without having to synchronize the data.

The new features will be available in November and are free to customers with a current MIMIX HA maintenance agreement. For more information about MIMIX, go to

Aldon announces new version of iSeries change management tool
Aldon took the wraps off its Aldon Lifecycle Manager (iSeries Edition v7.4). This new tool provides the visibility and control required in an enterprise software development environment to meet compliance regulations while at the same time improving developer productivity.

Key features of Aldon Lifecycle Manager:

  • Support for iASPs
  • Simplified testing of deleted objects
  • Simplified consolidation of releases

Aldon president and CEO, Daniel Magid, says the new tool simplifies the development process by automating administrative tasks, and that results in reduced development cycle times and the elimination of errors inherent in manual processes.

Aldon Lifecycle Manager (iSeries Edition v7.4) will be available worldwide by the beginning the third quarter of 2005. For more information, visit

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