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COMMON: New security tools for iSeries

Recognizing the effect regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley is having on iSeries users, SkyView Partners, PowerTech and Bytware announced products that help users with compliance.

Recognizing the effect regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley is having on iSeries users, SkyView Partners, PowerTech and Bytware each announced products this week at the Fall COMMON User Conference that help users with compliance.

SkyView Partners introduces Policy Minder

SkyView Partners has announced Policy Minder, a new security compliance product for OS/400 and i5/OS.

Thanks to Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and other regulations, companies are re-examining their security policies. Auditors are focusing on policy and procedure, and system administrators and IT departments have to make sure they comply with these policies and procedures and provide proof to auditors.

That's where Policy Minder fits in. Policy Minder allows companies to check compliance with security policy in one easy step, rather than the hours it typically takes.

Policy Minder includes an initialize function that will populate many of the details of your security policy from your current configuration. You can choose to accept or change any of those policy details. In addition, Policy Minder allows you to establish and check user profile settings, library authorities, file authorities, directory authorities and many other items, including security system values.

Once policies are established, you can run a compliance check that will show you results either on screen or through reports. The results quickly show you whether you're in compliance. If you aren't, you can drill down and see what the issues are. The product also features a "fix-it" option to correct many items automatically.

SkyView Policy Minder will be generally available in late October.

PowerTech announces PowerLock ComplianceMonitor

The PowerTech Group announced a new product that simplifies the task of determining the security compliance status of iSeries servers. Designed for system administrators, auditors and security officers, PowerLock ComplianceMonitor allows companies to easily gather reports and assess compliance.

Key highlights include the following:

  • With one command you can launch assessments across multiple servers and consolidate audit data from any number of iSeries servers into a single, easy-to-read report.
  • Data collection can be scheduled to run on a regular basis at off-peak times.
  • Audited servers can be grouped according to business need for more efficient auditing and more business-relevant reporting.
  • The product ships with a set of recommended audit reports; however, the graphical user interface allows users to create their own customized reports.
  • Reports can be printed in PDF format, as well as exported to Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Microsoft Excel (XLS) format.

PowerTech will ship PowerLock ComplianceMonitor beginning in the fourth quarter of 2005.

Bytware expands StandGuard security suite to include solution for Linux

Bytware Inc. announced the upcoming release of StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux.

The product was created in part because of the similarities between Linux and iSeries. Both are popular platforms for file serving, as well as mail and web serving. And since the launch of StandGuard Anti-Virus for iSeries, Bytware has learned a lot about how businesses can be impacted by malicious code residing on file servers.

Targeted at iSeries users who run Linux in a partition, StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux incorporates the latest McAfee scanning engine. The scanning engine includes the following features:

  • Scans with compressed files
  • Decompresses and scans files compressed in packages such as PKZip, .LHA and .ARJ
  • Detects and cleans macro and script viruses
  • Detects and cleans encrypted and polymorphic viruses
  • Detects and cleans new viruses in executable files and OLE compound documents
  • Detects and removes "Trojan horses," worms and many other types of malicious software
  • Upgrades easily to new anti-virus technology.

StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux also includes the following:

  • Automatic download of virus definitions (.DAT files)
  • Automatic download of software updates and fixes
  • Built-in scheduling features for scanning and updating
  • Network-enablement
  • Extensive logging capabilities

StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux will support Linux on a stand-alone server as well as Linux running on an iSeries partition. Its graphical interface is similar to that used for StandGuard Anti-Virus for iSeries, making management easier for iSeries users.

StandGuard Anti-Virus for Linux will be generally available in October 2005.

Bsafe Security Assessment released
Bsafe Information Systems displayed the latest addition to its line of security and systems management products -- Bsafe Security Assessment.

The new product features a user-friendly, GUI-based setup. Running the assessment is also quick, generating an on-screen report in just a few minutes to be printed on a PC printer.

Bsafe Security Assessment includes the following:

  • Real-time penetration attack
  • Port activity map
  • Security policy summary
  • Password policy summary
  • Audit policy summary
  • Pinpointing of deviations from recommended values
  • Application server protection run-down
  • A breakdown of power users by special authorities
  • A management report that summarizes vulnerability

As with its other products, Bsafe provides an option for a multinational language interface. A Japanese version has already been distributed by IBM Japan, and Italian and German versions will be available shortly.

A version of the tool is being distributed at no charge for a limited time. See the demo request on the Bsafe Information Systems Web site.

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