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Updates and enhancements to your iSeries tools

New updates for iSeries tools include offerings from Quadrant, Stonesoft, inFORM Decisions and others.

inFORM Decisions makes iSeries stored docs accessible

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.-based forms automation vendor inFORM Decisions Inc. unveiled a new iSeries file serving module for a Windows-based document management system. The software will be marketed by Questys Solutions, a Mission Viejo, Calif.-based document imaging, storage, and retrieval systems company.

inFORM's iSeries module is integrated into Questys Solutions software with a set of standard API's and is accessed through Questys commands. Users who are logged on to any network connected PC can access the documents stored on the iSeries machine. iSeries users can also access these documents. inFORM's module adds single command report routing capabilities for printers connected to heterogeneous systems, report moving capabilities between LPARs, Internet distribution, facilitates print sharing capabilities, and automatically routes reports to a remote system based in control table routing instructions. Report formats supported include IPDS, AFP, PCL, and character-based.

According to inFORM, the advantages of using the iSeries to archive documents include its vast disk capacity that frees up disk space on multiple, smaller, and decentralized Windows based systems, its granular security, and its ability to handle multiple simultaneous workloads.

Stonesoft launches internal firewall, VPN

Atlanta-based Stonesoft Corp., a network security and business continuity company, recently released its StoneGate firewall and VPN for the IBM eServer i5. Stonesoft says this new offering is the only internal enterprise firewall and VPN solution currently available for i5 servers.

According to Stonesoft, the StoneGate firewall and VPN product is an essential component in the virtualized network environment, ensuring the highest level of security across the enterprise.

Quadrant announces Formtastic 5.3.1 with RFID capabilities

Quadrant Software, a Taunton Mass.-based Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) software company, recently released Formtastic 5.3.1.

Formtastic Fusion5 lets customers design and populate electronic documents while eliminating pre-printed forms by printing to laser printers or delivering documents automatically by email or fax. Formtastic also reformats and enhances iSeries 400 spool files by adding conditional data, logos, graphics, bar codes and other documents. When combined with Formatter, Quadrant said users can cut document page counts by 50% to 75% while increasing readability and further reducing material costs related to postage and printing. Enhancements in Formtastic Fusion5 V5.3.1 and Formatter include:

  • Advanced query functions which allow users to retrieve data elements from a database file and add that information to an electronic form.
  • Expression Builder, a new feature that 'translates' conditions into acceptable database file formats. Example: A spool file may list a social security number as 123-45-6789 (a format not accepted by database files). The expression builder can automatically convert that number to 123456789, which will be accepted by database files.
  • RFID Support, so that Formtastic can now print Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels containing an antenna capable of sending/receiving information.
  • Image Manipulation within Formtastic, users can now resize images after they have been placed on a form template.
  • Enhanced PDF support allows users to create and deliver documents as PDF attachments with searchable text and full color formatting.

    Lakeview partners with Innovatum to automate compliance

    Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois-based Lakeview Technology recently partnered with Innovatum Inc., a software development and IT consulting firm for pharmaceutical firms, medical device manufacturers and companies in other regulated industries.

    The relationship brings together an iSeries high availability vendor and an auditing organization to automate compliance for regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, 21 CFR part 11 and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, as well as voter registration audits and European regulations.

    According to Lakeview, several iSeries sites currently using software from both companies to automate compliance have reported the seamless integration between the two products.

    "With several mutual customers already benefiting from our complimentary technologies, we are excited to announce our partnership with Innovatum and our joint commitment to solve the compliance needs faced by many businesses today," Biff Myre, Lakeview's Director of Business Development said.

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