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New products and enhancements of iSeries tools

Check out announcments from Aldon, RJS and others.

Bytware releases enhanced StandGuard Anti-Virus for V5R2

Reno, Nevada-based Bytware, Inc. unveiled a new version of its StandGuard Ati-Virus for OS/400 V5R2.

This V5R2-only version brings the advanced features previously available only in the i5/OS V5R3 version to users of the earlier OS release. Enhancements include: improved management of product and virus definition updates; an enhanced graphical user interface; the ability to work in mixed V5R2/V5R3 environments; menus in English, French, and Japanese; and improved configuration options.

According to Bytware the highlight of the new enhancements is the addition of Object Integrity Scanning (OIS), previously available only in the V5R3 release. OIS gives StandGuard Anti-Virus the ability to alert iSeries managers to changes made to IBM's digital signatures by patched programs. Many applications modify the operating system in order to achieve functionality not available on a given release of the OS. Regardless of whether a "patched" program does something good or something bad, such programs can create potential problems for the integrity of the operating system.

Awareness of modifications to the system is an important aspect of compliance with new regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

StandGuard Anti-Virus V5R2M0 is available now. Existing StandGuard Anti-Virus 1.11 users can request the free upgrade by contacting Bytware Sales.

Aldon will integrate with Telelogic DOORS

The Emeryville, Calif.-based configuration and change management provider Aldon recently partnered with Irvine Calif.-based Telelogic, a requirements management vendor.

With the partnership, Aldon will integrate with Telelogic's flagship requirement management software, Telelogic DOORS.

"Our partnership with Telelogic DOORS is in response to market demand," said Daniel Magid, president and CEO of Aldon. "Aldon customers will be able to use DOORS to capture, trace and manage requirements and tie these capabilities into their enterprise change management system."

"We welcome this alliance with Aldon," said Robert Bartmar, Director of Technology Partner Programs at Telelogic. "Requirements management is a natural fit for software configuration management, and businesses can only benefit with a more integrated, closed-loop software process."

RJS releases Web-based workflow software

Burnsville, Minn.-based RJS Software Systems, a developer of iSeries automation, imaging and productivity software entered the cross-platform business process management (BPM) market with the release of its new Enterprise Workflow application.

The Web-based software allows organizations to automate, monitor and control the management of paper-based work processes that require multiple reviews, approvals or other actions.

"Enterprise Workflow can help improve business process management by increasing the speed and efficiency with which work gets done," said RJS Software President Richard Schoen. "It will reduce cycle times, touch points and paper costs, and increase productivity."

Schoen said the application will prove particularly useful for the processing of invoices, purchase orders, HR documents, sales reports, mortgages, contracts and more. Included with the system is a workflow design tool that allows users to build process flows, assign users and tasks, and control who has the authority to view and act on information.

Enterprise Workflow is designed to work on all Java-friendly operating systems, including Linux, OS/400 and Windows. RJS says its service oriented architecture (SOA) allows it to integrate into existing business applications and repositories to create a seamless IT infrastructure.

Key features include:

  • Web-based interface
  • Cross-platform design (iSeries, Linux, Windows, AIX)
  • Graphical workflow design tool
  • Security controls
  • Tracking and measurement tools

    HiT Software unveils Ritmo for iSeries 3.0

    San Jose, Calif.-based HiT Software, a developer of standards-based products for relational database access, released Ritmo for iSeries 3.0, a middleware bridge between Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and the iSeries/AS400 platform.

    According to HiT, the new release adds powerful design tools to cut development time when writing applications that access data residing on the IBM iSeries. Features include graphical tools such as sophisticated designers and wizards that generate code, a command editor, and a data connections explorer as well as a navigation window for working with iSeries databases and database objects (database explorer). Hit says its treelike structure allows developers to find and manage objects in the database quickly and easily.

    Ritmo for iSeries 3.0 also offers integration with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. From within Reporting Services, users can select Ritmo as a data source to connect to DB2 running on iSeries, and generate reports. These data processing extensions add functionality to both the Report Server and Report Designer, enabling seamless integration of custom data into reports. "With Ritmo for iSeries 3.0, HiT Software shows its continuing commitment to the .NET platform. As the .NET platform gains momentum, we see a lot of companies that rely on the IBM iSeries developing .NET Framework-based applications to access their corporate data" said Giacomo Lorenzin, CEO of HiT Software. "Ritmo is the best provider to connect to data residing on the IBM iSeries, because of its tight integration with Visual Studio .NET, as well as its robustness, speed and security."

    HiT Software is one of the early members of Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program and of the Midrange Alliance Program (MAP).

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