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IBM launches AIX support suite for iSeries

Boosted by its recent acquisition of Ascential Software, IBM recently unveiled new information integration software support for AIX on iSeries.

IBM's acquisition of Ascential Software Corp. is producing returns for the Big Blue portfolio. Last week, IBM unveiled new information integration software support for AIX on iSeries, powered by products formerly under the Ascential umbrella.

IBM, which acquired the data integration software company in May, recently tested and certified several of Ascential's information management products.

The thinking at Big Blue is that, thanks to what Ascential brought to the table, it can finally flex some muscle in the data integration space, a segment of the IT market in which its presence was lagging.

Ascential provided data integration software that helps build enterprise data warehouses, power business intelligence systems, consolidate enterprise business applications and manage repositories of business information.

"With this certification, we have a whole new place for people to do data integration on the iSeries. We have a whole new channel of customers to work with," said Keith Kohl, IBM WebSphere director of product management. "It's a competitive differentiator that we can do this. I don't believe any of our competitors have done this."

The following products have been tested for support on iSeries:

  • WebSphere DataStage 7.5.1A -- IBM has dubbed this a "core component" of its data integration strategy. It will enable tight integration of enterprise information, regardless of the sources, targets and time frames, and is for users planning to build a "real-time" data warehouse or those integrating source systems to support applications like customer relationship management, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, business intelligence/analytics, and IBM e-business.
  • WebSphere QualityStage 7.5 -- A framework for developing and deploying data investigation, standardization, enrichment, probabilistic matching and survivorship operations for use in transactional, operational, or analytic applications and in batch or real-time environments. WebSphere QualityStage is designed to provide a full range of functions to convert data from disparate legacy sources into consolidated high quality information.
  • WebSphere ProfileStage 7.5.1. -- Data profiling and source system analysis software that automates the first step in data integration. Big Blue said it can dramatically reduce the time it takes to profile data -- from months to days in some cases. WebSphere ProfileStage is also built to support large scale data integration projects by automatically creating ETL job definitions.

    All these products are available immediately.

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