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New tools and enhancements for your iSeries

GST, DVR and others are touting new products and enhancements to current software.

Bosanova Inc. enhances security features

The Phoenix-based iSeries connectivity vendor is unveiling new security developments across its product line.

The Bosanova WTC Thin Clients (which are based on Microsoft CE.Net) as well as the Bosanova LTC Thin Clients (which are based on Linux) now come with 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption on the TN5250e GUI Emulation software, plus an encrypted connection to Microsoft Terminal Server using SSH.

The Bosanova XTC Thin Clients (which are based on Windows XPe) now include the Bosanova Secure TN5250 emulation product. This latest emulation product provides 128-bit SSL encryption, plus SSO (single sign on) support.

The BOS e-Twinax Controller, which enables Twinax devices to communicate with the iSeries over a pure TCP/IP network, now comes Bosanova Secure TN5250 software encryption option included free of charge for a limited time.

These new versions of software for the Thin Client ship as standard to new users. The BOSaNOVA Secure software is available free of charge on any new e-Twinax Controller sale, by request.

DRV Technologies releases Audit Trail for SpoolFlex

Duluth, Georgia-based DRV Technologies is unveiling a new feature for its spool management tool for the iSeries, the SpoolFlex Audit Trail.

SpoolFlex software allows businesses to transform bulky iSeries reports into electronic formats conducive to automated distribution, including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, and other formats.

The new SpoolFlex Audit Trail specifically helps organizations using the IBM iSeries for their core applications streamline and automate report distribution. Through automation, SpoolFlex eliminates the manual processing associated with manual printing and distribution of mission critical data.

The SpoolFlex Audit Trail allows users to track and detail when and where reports have been distributed, to whom, by whom, by delivery method and more. The Audit Trail also gives users the ability to quickly locate, view and re-send reports in the original format.

SpoolFlex Audit Trail Features:

  • Ability to search for documents by report distribution name, date range, specified recipient, sender, and document name, natively on the iSeries.
  • Three different green screen view options allow users to display the audit trail record to quickly locate the desired report, re-send the document again, or view the saved file if it has been electronically filed.
  • Allows the user to view the actual report with a single keystroke. The appropriate PC application is automatically launched directly from the green screen, right on the user's PC.
  • Allows the user to re-send reports to the original recipient, redirect them to another recipient, or to a group.
  • Supported distribution methods include native iSeries email, fax, print and electronic filing.

    GST Launches disk-to-disk-to-tape backup

    GST, Inc. announced a new line of disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) backup appliances as part of its VirtualDR family of storage appliances. The GST D2D2T Appliance integrates GST's disk and tape hardware and LPAReplication software into one appliance-style package. Backups to disk are performed at server rates for online backup storage. Backup data is then offloaded to tape during off-peak hours for safe removal to a remote location. GST's integrated appliance holds a 10-cartridge magazine with high-performance LTO-3 or SAIT1 tape drives providing removable tape capacity up to 13TB with compression. Also integrated in the appliance are eight 400GB Serial ATA drives for a nearline disk capacity of up to 3.2TB (6.4TB compressed).

    David Breisacher, CEO and chairman at Lake Forest, Calif.-based GST, stated "We put the server, tape, disk and software all within the same integrated appliance, and included WORM support. This integrated approach will make our VirtualDR family very attractive to our customers."

    Stratum Global releases new RFID tools

    Stratum Global unveiled its TagNet RFID Solution Suites for companies facing RFID compliance. Stratum Global now offers three distinct RFID tools for the Electronic Product Code (EPC). Users can now configure components with RFID hardware vendors such as Intermec, AWID, Zebra and Kathrein.

    TagNet RFID Compliance provides labeling software, RFID printer and tags as well as services to meet basic compliancy requirements for slap-and-ship. TagNet RFID Compliance with Tag Verify offers additional verification capability to confirm 100% read accuracy of RFID tags as they leave the facility.

    TagNet RFID Compliance with Ship Verify ROI allows users to verify tags during shipment at a reader portal (e.g. a dock door), information is sent real-time into the business logic of the ERP or WMS enterprise system for validation purposes and for downstream supply chain processes such as EPC Shipment History and EDI advanced ship notices.

    New version of LaserVault Reports has audit log feature

    Tulsa, Oklahoma-based LaserVault has developed an audit log for its flagship product, LaserVault Reports. The audit log, which runs from the system administration screen, keeps a detailed log of every event that occurs in the system.

    The audit log records every event that takes place in the LaserVault Reports system, including logins, logouts, look ups, key selects, and printings. Date, time, report, and user are recorded as well. Date and time are accurate up to 100th of a second.

    The audit log was written using Microsoft Access, and therefore runs independent of a separate server program. It is included with the general update of the LaserVault Reports system, and is available free to those on maintenance.

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