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WRKCFGSTS (Work with Configuration Status) members say the WRKCFGSTS (Work with Configuration Status) command is extremely helpful.

The Work with Configuration Status (WRKCFGSTS) command is used to display and work with configuration status functions. When this command is run in the interactive mode, the WRKCFGSTS display is shown. This display shows status information for network servers, network interfaces, lines, controllers, and devices, and for jobs associated with devices. The display can be for a location or for one or more network servers, network interfaces, lines, controllers or devices.

WRKCFGSTS *DEV, specifically, displays the configuration status of the device name. Other parameters are as follows:

  • *NWS: Status for network servers is shown.
  • *NWI: Status for network interfaces is shown.
  • *LIN: Status for lines is shown.
  • *CTL: Status for controllers is shown.

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