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PowerTech acquires TriAWorks

iSeries security company buys SSO software vendor to take advantage of IBM's Enterprise Identity Mapping capabilities.

The iSeries security company, Kent, Wash.-based PowerTech Group, recently acquired single sign-on (SSO) provider TriAWorks Inc. of Spring, Texas. The move allows PowerTech to cash in on IBM's Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) capabilities in TriAWorks' software.

TriAWorks' identity manager was one of the first SSO offerings to use EIM. The software allows administrators to track users throughout an organization, across a number of machines. It also allows administrators to relate user profiles back to real people. For example, a user could have multiple usernames, and EIM would map the person's identity to those profiles on multiple iSeries systems.

"As a CFO [chief financial officer] running a company, I have guys downstairs running the computers, and they've got the ability to create and alter applications. I expect them to do those things. But if I'm responsible for ensuring [that] our financial processes are not subject to tampering or fraud, I have to ask who is watching those guys," PowerTech CEO Bruce Leader, said in a phone interview.

According to Leader, the benefit of EIM in SSO management is the ability to leverage existing technology within the iSeries operating system.

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"We've watched this space for a while, watched how EIM evolved, and [we] wanted to buy into the technology. If you go with other SSO schemes, they're a lot harder to implement because they're outside of the system. Beyond that, we see the EIM technology enabling future applications, which we are just starting to build into our overall direction," Leader said.

According to Leader, PowerTech will be providing services to users who need help configuring EIM.

The acquisition, for an undisclosed amount, is effective immediately. TriAWorks will continue to maintain a development office in Houston under the PowerTech name.

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