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New tools for managing your iSeries

Help/Systems, Lakeview and Kisco are among several companies touting new products and enhancements to current software.

Robot/SPACE 2.0 automatically monitors ASP, iASP, IFS, temporary storage

Help/Systems Inc., developer of the Robot Automated Operations Solution for the iSeries, has released Robot/SPACE 2.0, the newest version of its software that automatically monitors and manages iSeries disk space. Robot/SPACE eliminates disk storage crises by notifying users of potential trouble and providing tools to quickly find disk storage problems.

Robot/SPACE 2.0 introduces a new graphical interface that allows one-click access to its disk management tools. Users can control all Robot/SPACE functions, including monitor jobs, submit collections, run queries and reports, and create graphs and trends from an easy-to-use interface.

Robot/SPACE 2.0 users now can set storage thresholds for their monitored ASPs and iASPs. They can also monitor job temporary storage and set size thresholds and automatically hold jobs. When an ASP or job exceeds its threshold, Robot/SPACE sends a message to a message queue, helping to avoid a crisis. Users with Robot/ALERT, Help/Systems' system event software, can send a pager or e-mail message to an operator when a threshold is met.

Also new in Robot/SPACE 2.0 is the Critical Storage Investigator (CSI), a problem-solving tool that displays real-time usage statistics in pie graph format for any system ASP. At a glance, users can see how much of an ASP's or iASP's storage is used, available and unprotected. The CSI also displays ASP usage history, displays threshold history for all monitored ASPs and jobs, and allows users to hold or end runaway jobs.

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Lakeview enhances MIMIX dr1, launches QuickStart program

Lakeview Technology announced enhancements to its MIMIX dr1 no-journaling recovery solution and the launch of its QuickStart Program.

MIMIX dr1 combines the best features of disk- and tape-based backups into one solution, and enables small and mid-sized businesses to reach data protection goals and minimize planned downtime. The QuickStart Program, free with all new installations of MIMIX dr1 and qualified trials, provides convenient, quick implementation to get users into production faster with less effort. Both are now generally available.

The latest new version of MIMIX dr1 includes several major enhancements, including performance improvements, interface changes that offer more control and easier navigation within the user interface, support for double byte character sets, improved recovery point rules for greater flexibility within the user's environment and "phone-home" assurance, guaranteeing users install the most recent version of MIMIX dr1.

Lakeview's new QuickStart Program gets users up and running fast. QuickStart includes telephone and Web-based guidance and computer-based training (CBT) to make implementing and optimizing the solution as easy as possible for those with general i5/OS skills. The program includes 30-day live proactive support, eSupport and virtual training.

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BOSaNOVA enhances iSeries thin client software

Martin Pladgeman, president of BOSaNOVA Inc., announced that the Windows XPe-based BOSaNOVA XTC Thin Client is now shipping with Microsoft's Service Pack 2 (SP2), and the Linux-based BOSaNOVA LTC Thin Client is now shipping with customizable wallpaper.

One of the main benefits of the Microsoft SP2 that is now shipping with BOSaNOVA's XTC thin clients is that it allows automatic updates for the XPe thin clients. In the past, any updates had to be pushed out by the management software and would originate exclusively from BOSaNOVA. This new version allows the updates to be distributed from any Microsoft System Update Server or Advanced Server with the Microsoft update services software installed (free of charge for Domain users). These updates come directly from Microsoft over the Internet.

Other enhancements include: Pop-up blocker, Direct X 9 and Windows Media Player 9. Also added were Bluetooth support and VoIP drivers. In addition, BOSaNOVA has updated the Adobe Acrobat reader on its XTC thin clients to version seven. This latest version of Adobe loads much faster than previous versions and gives the user the very best in performance.

BOSaNOVA's LTC thin clients now ship with the ability for the customer to change the desktop image on the thin client. With this, companies can reinforce their company image across the installed thin client base. This latest enhancement answers many customer requests to be able to customize the look of the desktop background. Once one thin client has the new wallpaper, it can be cloned to the other LTC thin clients using BOSmanager.

Support for inexpensive PCI wireless was also added to both the Windows XPe-based and Linux-based models; both the BOSaNOVA XTC and LTC 1000 models ship with a PCI slot as standard.

These new versions are available free of charge to existing users (space permitting) and ship as standard to new users. For more information, contact BOSaNOVA toll-free at (866) 865-5250 or send e-mail to

Kisco eases report transfers with SpoolMover/400

Kisco Information Systems has released SpoolMover/400, a new communication utility for the i5-iSeries-AS/400 system. SpoolMover/400 makes the job of transferring reports from one iSeries server to another very easy without complicated communication configuration updates.

SpoolMover/400 lets you transfer spool file reports from one system to any other iSeries system in the world using your network connections, including the Internet. No special software needs to be installed on the receiving system. SpoolMover/400 supports all spool file formats, including *SCS, *IPDS, *LINE, *AFPDSLINE, *USERASCII and *AFPDS. All spool file attributes will be kept and transferred to the remote system.

There is also no need to have the product installed and configured on every system where reports will be printed, only on those that will be sending reports to remote system locations.

And for iSeries installations running LPAR with multiple partitions, SpoolMover/400 can be used to easily transfer reports between partitions on the same system.

Complete product specs and other information, including demonstration screen shots, are available at

Califon Systems software makes business rules harvesting a reality

Califon Systems, a provider of security software solutions for IBM iSeries shops, announced software that automates the identification of programmatic controls through business rules harvesting for improved corporate governance and risk management.

Using this software, companies can easily find and identify existing business rules and controls across all of their computing platforms. This includes extracting such controls from software application program logic located anywhere within a corporations network.

This information is stored in the new generation's repository and provides for online self-service analytics and reporting access, which is useful for internal auditors and IT organizations. Once existing controls are identified through this process, they can be reused in documentation, testing and further automation efforts.

For more information on the new generation software, contact Califon Systems at

Applied Logic upgrades FEU to include XML functions, validity checking

Applied Logic Corp., developer of iSeries Programmer Productivity software, announced the release of Version 12.0 of its database tool, FEU (File Edit Utility).

In addition to the cumulative capabilities of all previous releases, new features of FEU 12.0 include the following:

  • Data validity checking
  • Ability to work with message files
  • Identification of key fields on the screen
  • Export of selected data to XML format
  • Ability to check for level checks
  • Removal of dependent logical files
  • Ability to specify 80 or 132 column display
  • New CT (contains) search argument
  • Ability to modify and save custom file views
  • Function for incrementing values in numeric fields
  • Ability to clear all members in a file
  • Cumulative product PTFs and updates
  • New user manual and free technical support

FEU 12.0 is available as a FREE, no-obligation demo that is available for download at or by calling 1-800-588-8695. Licensing is $995 for a regular license or $1,495 for an LPAR license. Upgrades are available -- both to existing users of FEU and to users of other database tools.

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