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Help for iSeries administrators

New security, change management, script and backup tools alleviate managers' workload.

Security administration easier with Bsafe/Global Security version 3.6

With the new features in Bsafe/Global Security, security administrators' tasks are now easier to handle.

Version 3.6, released at the end of March by Bsafe Information Systems, now lets administrators restrict database access by IP address and user and allows replication of permissions to another iSeries. Other new features include the following:

  • New system inquiries of OS/400 definitions, including validation lists, object authorities, special user authorities, user profile environment and library public authorities.
  • New output options.
  • Event reports of network activity.

Apart from those new features, many existing features have been improved: usability enhancements, improved multi-language interface and tightened security.

For more information, visit Bsafe's Web site.

Change management easier to implement with SoftLanding's TurnOver 5.4

Getting change-management processes up and running is now easier thanks to SoftLanding Systems' TurnOver 5.4.

Now generally available, TurnOver 5.4 features a new Eclipse-based Administrator module that simplifies application setup and configuration. Run as a stand-alone module or as an Eclipse plug-in, the module's Application Designer lets administrators create and maintain application definitions in a visual format. Application definitions define and control how software changes progress and how each component is handled at every stage of development.

The TurnOver Administrator also automates many common tasks to make it fast and easy to maintain applications. For example, when an administrator adds or removes an application level, the application definition automatically adjusts associated data, such as "from" and "target" library names.

Continuing TurnOver's tradition for flexibility and open architecture, TurnOver 5.4 also includes several new APIs as well as a new version control option. A new module, TurnOverSVN, provides Java, PC, and Web source version control under the framework of TurnOver's issue tracking, project management, deployment, and change history capabilities.

Other new TurnOver 5.4 features address audit requirements. For instance, in order to maintain an application definition in TurnOver 5.4, users must check it out. Associated changes are tracked, providing more granular auditing and the ability to recover previous definitions. Furthermore, users can export application definitions as JPEG and XML files. That is useful when documenting applications internally or for auditing purposes. Administrators can e-mail those files to branches of their company that use TurnOver or to an external auditor who might want a copy of an application definition to store as part of the auditing record.

For more information, visit SoftLanding's Web site.

TestWEB offers browser scripts that can update themselves

For the first time, existing scripts for Web sites and browser-based applications can be run over updated versions without the need for tedious and time-consuming script maintenance.

Original Software's TestWEB was designed to deliver powerful, quick and easy-to-use testing of Web sites and browser applications. It is founded upon a 'code-free' approach to testing that eliminates the need to use a scripting language. That makes Web testing much faster and much more accessible, but without compromising on the power and the level of penetration of the testing.

In addition, self-healing scripts in version 2.6 automate the process of script updating through the use of an algorithm that can spot when elements in a page or script have been added or removed, including entire pages. The user can then have those changes automatically incorporated into an updated version of the script or choose to intervene in the updating and overwriting process according to their own preset criteria. Elements that have been moved on a page are simply remapped to their new location (as long as their properties have not substantially changed).

TestWEB version 2.6 with self-healing scripts is available immediately from Original Software, with pricing calculated on a per-concurrent-user basis. For more information, visit Original Software's Web site.

EVault tools address need for off-site data storage

EVault Inc., provider of secure, online backup and recovery products, recently released Version 5 of both its EVault InfoStage online backup and recovery software and the EVault Protect managed service offering.

EVault InfoStage licensed software takes full advantage of disk-to-disk technology to cost-effectively back up data from all locations to a remote or centralized storage server. New features and enhancements include the following:

  • Parallel restore: Simultaneous restores can be executed from the same storage vault, speeding the recovery process of large numbers of files or data from multiple backup sessions.
  • Advanced backup agents for Exchange, SQL, and Oracle: These agents offer improved delta block backup performance, finer granularity backups, such as the ability to back up individual mailboxes, as well as one-pass restores.
  • The ability to add storage on the fly: Seamlessly scale up capacity of back-end storage vaults or copy data between vaults without interruption or performance degradation.
  • Integrated Vault Backup Agent: Backup data stored on the vault can be easily migrated to disk, tape or a second off-site storage vault using EVault's delta block technology.

EVault Protect is EVault's managed online backup and recovery service that backs up an organization's business-critical data to a secure off-site data center managed by EVault or an authorized channel partner. Safely off-site, the encrypted data is available online at all times for immediate, user-initiated recovery.

In conjunction with the launch of EVault InfoStage Version 5, EVault also announced several new capabilities across its product line focused on delivering advanced reporting capabilities, desktop and laptop backup and e-mail archiving.

EVault Reports: A new Web-based tool used in conjunction with the EVault Protect managed service designed to help end-users and channel partners quickly access storage-related information about the backup and recovery process.

EVault Desktop: This agent simplifies the backup of desktops and laptop computers.

EVault ProMail Exchange: A new e-mail archive managed service for regulatory compliance. EVault ProMail Exchange is designed specifically for organizations with Microsoft Exchange e-mail servers, providing automated, centralized and customizable email monitoring and archiving without any capital investment.

For more information, visit EVault's Web site.

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