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Blunder #10: Rushing a batch job may not be the best idea

Here's one way NOT to change the priority of a batch job to rush it. Lesson learned, the hard way!

An anonymous user writes:

After a software upgrade -- I won't name the product (MAPICS) -- we encountered a batch job that ran for an inordinately long time that tied up the job queues. Our fearless system operator, tired of being besieged by users looking for completion of their jobs, attempted to change the priority of that job from 50 to 10 (batch to interactive) in the hope that the additional cycles would result in quicker termination. She keyed a "1", hit Field Exit and Enter, giving the job a priority 1.

We could not run a single command to get to the job and cancel it. WRKACTJOB, WRKUSRJOB, nothing worked. We had to hit the "shut 'er down, paw she's pumpin' mad button" on the box itself.

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