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Blunder #7: Please DO NOT Lean on the UPS

It all started out so innocently, two coworkers conversing by the UPS box, and then wham... it all went down hill from there!

Brian writes:

It was my first week on the job as the new operations manager for a medium-sized iSeries shop. While talking with a co-worker in the computer room, I was leaning against the UPS box just chatting away. All of a sudden the systems started shutting down, after having used up the internal batteries. Within seconds, the boss and several executives came running in to see what had caused the systems to crash. We didn't know at the time that the power was shut off, so we were running around checking everything.

Someone pointed out that the power was out to all the computers. "Breakers, check the breakers," someone shouted. No, they were all set OK and nothing had tripped. Then I noticed the UPS was totally blacked out, like it had gone dead. Not sure how this could happen, I started pushing buttons, no luck. Then I looked on the back of the UPS to see if something was amiss. Sure enough, the main breaker on the back was off. What had caused that? Well, it didn't take long to see that the EPO button cover was missing, and we put two and two together. While leaning against the UPS, I had pressed the EPO button with my back side.

We reset the breaker, the systems came back up and management was soon notified that all was well. No explanation was ever given to the guys upstairs. From then on the network manager had a new nickname for me, "Leaner."

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