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Blunder #5: Are you sure you want to power down?

You may think if you've hear one 'PWRDWNSYS' story, you've heard them all. Not quite. Read how this user made a quick decision and possibly saved the day.

Andre writes:

My story is quite similar to other 'PWRDWNSYS' stories, except that this one ended in a 'happy' way...

Together with a colleague, I was looking into a problem we were having on a remote AS/400 doing a Telnet to that system from one of the production systems on which I had opened two sessions. We decided that the best thing we could do to solve the problem was to execute the Microsoft technique and 'reboot' the remote AS/400.

Unfortunately, my colleague did a power down on the session that was running on the production system (and still more important, I was the one that had signed on)! We were very lucky to have a modified PWRDWNSYS above the standard one that ended a number of applications in a controlled way before really powering down, so we just had enough time to interrupt the power-down using system request + option 2!

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