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RJS Software to launch cross-platform line

IBM software partner RJS announced this week it plans to offer cross-platform solutions to help customers operating heterogeneous data center systems.

Hoping to capitalize on the growing trend toward heterogeneous data centers, RJS Software Systems announced Monday it will be extending its reach into cross-platform software development. The Minnesota-based company plans to release several new products aimed at customers demanding workflow boosts across multiple platforms.

The iSeries-focused software company will launch its cross-platform line with an enterprise workflow product it said will allow customers to add business process management and rules-based document routing capabilities to the company's WebDocs document management product suite.

According to RJS president Richard Schoen, the company sees workflow as a perfect area to launch cross-platform development efforts because its customers are increasingly running their business software on OS/400, Windows, Linux or AIX.

"With the iSeries and pSeries hardware and software convergence during the past few years, we determined that now is the perfect time to begin delivering cross-platform solutions that will take our customers into the 21st century and beyond," said Schoen, in a statement.

The company plans to follow up its enterprise workflow product launch with WebSpool software that will allow iSeries users to access reports real time from any Web browser. The new product updates and extends WinSpool/400 Report Download, a flagship Windows-based report access product originally released in the mid-1990s.

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"As we've been working with customers over the last few years, workflow has been a big topic of discussion," Schoen said. "We want to assure our customers that RJS will be there to service them no matter where their system software resides."

RJS appointed Dan Kimmel, formerly a technical analyst at MSI Systems Integrators and a 30-year veteran of software development in the mid-range market, to spearhead the enterprise workflow project.

The company plans to launch its iSeries cross-platform products this year, though a definite time table has yet to be set.

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