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Borman out as iSeries chief

In a reshuffling of executives at Big Blue, iSeries head Mike Borman stepped down this week after only serving six months in the position.

IBM's iSeries head Mike Borman stepped down this week just six months after taking the reins of the division.

The move was part of a series of executive changes at Big Blue. Borman is taking over sales and marketing at the IBM Software Group. Mark Shearer, vice president of marketing strategy for systems, was named the new chief of the iSeries division.

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Shearer, who served as vice president of eServer products and systems group, helped launch IBM's eServer Linux Cluster and eServer BladeCenter initiatives. He joined IBM in 1978 and has held several sales and marketing management positions at the company.

IBM's iSeries division, which had been struggling in recent years, was bolstered by Al Zollar, who is credited with reviving the ailing platform. Borman took over the iSeries division in July, when Zollar stepped down to manage IBM's Tivoli software group. Zollar served as iSeries chief for 18 months.

A 25-year-veteran of IBM, Borman oversaw the unveiling of a new 64-way model of the i5 line of Power5 servers at the COMMON user conference in October.

In an interview with in October, Borman said he was working to explain to customers the additional capabilities in the platform as a result of the introduction of the i5 line. Borman also focused on training the IBM sales teams and business partners on Linux and AIX.

Borman also helped improve the iSeries image. IBM lost some momentum in its midrange business when it went from AS/400 to the iSeries, Borman said. With the introduction of the eServer, the iSeries lost some of its image of being best in the industry, he said.

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