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How saved Christmas

What do you do when it's the night before Christmas and your iSeries gives your trouble? Turn to, of course.

'Twas the night before installation
And all thorough the place
Not a program was running
The QA team lost face

The programmers sat
By their tubes in despair
With hopes that a miracle
Soon would be there

The bosses all screamed
The board members grew mean!
What were they to do?
Everything's turned to poo!

Then alas they heard
What they were waiting for
Their prayers were answered
They all shouted for MORE!

Their e-mail stated
They knew right then and there
They were almost out of jail

When what to their bloodshot eyes did appear?
But an e-mail from Search400
And a coupon for beer

Filled with goodies
To get them all through their day
The e-mail brimmed
With WONDERFUL things to say

Their Lazy friend
With good programming things to do
Showered them with enough suggestions
To fill up a zoo

The Editor sent them
Her wonderful News
That more products would help them
Through their iSeries blues

Search400 has tech tips, webcasts,
White papers and more
If you have a question,
You'll find an answer here for sure

At the end of the mail
The programmers weren't alone
And knew they were out
Of the Danger Zone!

They can turn to Search400
That site isn't going away
It's here to help you
Through all of your days

Simply type on your keyboard
And do a quick search
Your answers are here
With NARY a lurch

So what did they learn
At this wonderful sight?
That Search400 would help you
Thorough Christmas night

Happy Holidays!

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