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Vendors announce new products at fall COMMON

The main theme at the conference was enterprise application management, and several vendors -- including BCD, PFSweb and Mincron -- were on hand touting their latest Web products.

The main theme at the fall COMMON conference was enterprise application management, and several vendors -- including BCD, PFSweb and Mincron -- were on hand touting their latest Web products.

But that wasn't all there was. Companies such as BOSaNOVA, Bytware, Visara and LANSA announced new products as well.

BCD launches new RPG-to-Web conversion tool beta
Business Computer Design (BCD) announced the beta of a new RPG-to-Web code-conversion tool as an add-on to their i5, iSeries and AS/400 Web development and deployment tool, ProGen WebSmart.

BCD's new RPG/DDS to PML/HTML conversion component converts ILE RPG (RPGIII and RPG400 is converted to ILE RPG) code and display file DDS to HTML, PML and JavaScript. PML is WebSmart's programming language that generates ILE RPG, ILE RPG free-format, and Java servlets, in conjunction with HTML.

Eric Figura, BCD's director of marketing and sales, said WebSmart PML can generate CGI or Java. "People are flocking to CGI when they have the chance because of the speed," he said.

Figura also said BCD's tool is the only one available today that lets developers select the output appropriate for i5, iSeries and AS/400, UNIX, Linux, or Windows servers. "Those are real choices," he said.

WebSmart will appeal to small and midsize businesses just starting with Web development, Figura added. "There aren't enough WebSphere success stories," he said. "I'm not talking about WebFacing, but WebSphere. It is very unsuccessful in Web development with small and midsize businesses. But we are successful in getting SMBs into developing on the iSeries."

The new RPG/DDS to PML/HTML conversion component is sold as an add-on module to ProGen WebSmart. License fees are based on model/processor number and average $7,500. As a special product launch incentive, BCD will include the RPG to WebSmart Conversion tool to organizations that license WebSmart by March 31, 2005 for Free. The Free license offer also applies to those who are already licensed WebSmart users. Only the annual software maintenance fee will be billed for the RPG conversion tool.

The ProGen WebSmart Interactive Development Environment (IDE) for unlimited developers ranges between $5,500 and $11,000. The Web Application Server (WAS) for unlimited end-users runs $5,000 to $10,500 based on the model and processor.

To download WebSmart, visit For an evaluation copy on CD, call BCD at (630) 986 0800 or e-mail BCD at

PFSweb introduces iS Connector Toolkit for iSeries users
PFSweb, Inc. introduced the iS Connector Toolkit, a patent-pending middleware solution that helps iSeries users seamlessly integrate real-time XML transactions from sources such as their company Web site with RPG and COBOL applications on their iSeries server.

As an integrated component of PFSweb's GlobalMerchant CommerceWare software suite, the iS Connector seamlessly connects a company's e-commerce Web site with its back-office iSeries applications. PFSweb has unbundled the iS Connector and is now offering the iS Connector Toolkit as a stand-alone middleware product. The iS Connector Toolkit is suited for companies that don't require the e-commerce functions of GlobalMerchant CommerceWare but need to easily connect applications running on an iSeries server with non-iSeries software such as an e-commerce Web site.

Richard Beasley, sales manager for Global Merchant CommerceWare, said the iS Connector Toolkit provides a way for external systems to interact with iSeries applications in real time. "This is for users looking for a real-time way to interact with customers," Beasley said. "Any platform that can use XML can work with this. It's a very open, very flexible way to do it."

Additionally, Beasley said working with the tool is 99% identical to writing a green-screen program. "There's no retraining for users. It's a very native environment for RPG and COBOL users," he said.

For more information, visit PFSWeb's Web site.

Mincron's Jenasys integrates with Relativity's EAM platform
Now that that Mincron's Jenasys software is fully integrated into Relativity, Inc.'s enterprise application modernization (EAM) platform, organizations can take advantage of a central repository of detailed reports and current information about their applications.

Through one integrated interface, users can analyze applications written in multiple programming languages, including RPG, to accelerate any EAM initiative.

Walter Ulrich, CEO of Mincron, said with the integration of Jenasys and Relativity's Modernization Workbench, the companies' joint clients can gain more insight into and generate more value from their core systems. "With the completed analysis, the Jenasys Tool Suite can then deliver transformed RPG to Java applications with 100% of all business logic preserved," he said.

Through the OEM agreement, Relativity will sell the Jenasys software as a separately licensable component of the Modernization Workbench.

For more information, visit Relativity's Web site.

LANSA EDI Direct facilitates EDI transactions
LANSA announced the release of its latest on-demand product, LANSA EDI Direct, which facilitates computer-to-computer integration of EDI business transaction documents with a company's business application systems by managing and tracking EDI documents.

LANSA EDI Direct maps and translates EDI transaction sets into backend ERP systems and interface files. Built to integrate seamlessly with other LANSA products, such as LANSA Data Secure Direct (LANSA's AS2 solution) for EDI over the Internet, LANSA EDI Direct provides comprehensive validation and error monitoring and handling capabilities as well as a multi-platform environment and client/server administration.

Features of LANSA EDI Direct include trading partner management, support for non-standard EDI format transaction processing and automated transaction processing between industry standard EDI formats (X12, EDIFACT and Tradacom) and business application databases. LANSA EDI Direct interfaces with industry protocols and communication layers such as FTP, secure FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Web Services, AS2 and WebSphere MQ. Code translation capability, a mail-boxing interface and drag-and-drop translation map editor enhance LANSA EDI Direct's feature list.

For more information, visit

Bytware to distribute recycle bin solution with iSeries i5/OS
Bytware announced a new data protection product for IBM eServer iSeries. Under an agreement with IBM, Bytware StandGuard Recycle Bin for iSeries will be shipped with all distributions of the IBM eServer iSeries operating system -- i5/OS.

StandGuard Recyle Bin, designed specifically for the iSeries, protects data files on all mapped drives from accidental or intentional deletion using a holding area, or "recycle bin." Files that once would have been considered lost, can now be easily restored to i5/OS from the recycle bin.

StandGuard Recycle Bin for iSeries eliminates the need to pull out backups and restore lost files in the traditional way. The nearly instantaneous process means that files can be restored as quickly as they can be deleted. Plus, StandGuard Recycle Bin for iSeries protects files created throughout the day for on-the-fly restoration, something that traditional backups usually just can't do.

The product began shipping Oct. 22 with all distributions of i5/OS, and it will be available as a try-and-buy offering. Customers can request full-featured trial activation by contacting Bytware directly at or by calling 775-851-2900.

BOSaNOVA becomes exclusive North American distributor of LAUNCHER/400 Office and SQL
BOSaNOVA, Inc. announced that it has become the exclusive North American distributor of LAUNCHER/400 Office and SQL. Developed by AURA Equipements (France), LAUNCHER/400 is widely used by large and small companies around the world to integrate MS Windows with native iSeries applications.

Martin Pladgeman, President of BOSaNOVA Inc., said LAUNCHER/400 lets iSeries users combine the power and flexibility of MS Windows applications and the control of the iSeries.

With LAUNCHER/400, native iSeries applications can do the following:

  • Create Word documents and Excel workbooks, in real time, with iSeries data
  • Display documents in Word, PDF, Excel and HTML formats
  • Fax and e-mail documents
  • Launch any Windows Application directly from the iSeries
  • Transfer data from DB2/400 or queries
  • Enhance documents with objects (e.g., barcodes, signatures, logos)
  • Migrate Office Vision/400 applications, templates and documents to Microsoft Office
  • Control any OLE application
  • Move files to and from IFS / PC without user intervention

LAUNCHER/400 is priced by module and iSeries Processor Group, starting at $1,425. It is available through the BOSaNOVA North American network of IBM Business Partners and independent distributors.

For more information, contact BOSaNOVA, Inc. toll-free at (866) 865-5250 or send e-mail to

Visara International announces console consolidation and remote management tool for iSeries
Visara International announced Visara ICON, a console consolidation tool that provides a flexible and full-featured console for midrange installations and gives users remote control of twinax displays from any Windows or Linux desktop.

Visara developed this product in response to the console management needs of the midrange market. Console consolidation in the midrange install base has become vital for many of the larger midrange based IT organizations. As the industries and businesses that have standardized on midranges for their IT solutions continue to grow, so grows their IT footprint. Many IT shops have added additional systems while others have upgraded to larger systems, all requiring additional consoles.

Visara ICON is currently available in two separate configurations, ICON-1T, an entry-level solution, and ICON-20T, a more advanced solution that can serve up to 20 consoles. The ICON-1T is a single station replacement for a twinax display. It provides the same twinax look and feel, (including an optional 122 key keyboard) with the added advantage of having the display session active both local in the computer room, and remote in an office or home location at the same time.

For more information about the Visara ICON, visit

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