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IBM releases PeopleSoft configured i5

Users may be on hold waiting for an end to Oracle's battle for PeopleSoft, but IBM and its most coveted ERP vendor are not.

Despite Oracle's pending suit to acquire PeopleSoft Inc., the under-siege ERP vendor and IBM together have released a new eServer i5 550 server configured for PeopleSoft World. The new server is the first IBM i550 to be customized for a specific software vendor. It is offered at a 24% savings over the standard i550 Enterprise Edition when purchased with PeopleSoft World products, support, or service, the companies said in a release today.

In May, IBM announced the i5, its next generation iSeries based on the Power5 chip.

The Solution Edition i550 for PeopleSoft is configured to optimize the operation of PeopleSoft World applications. Users are expected to benefit from solutions that are pre-integrated, pre-tuned, and pre-tested.

The Solution Edition i550 for PeopleSoft World includes one license of i5/OS, one IBM Enterprise enablement feature, an integrated xSeries server, 40 seats of WebSphere Portal Express Plus, additional processor activation, DB2 Query Manager, and a SQL developer toolkit. It also includes a service voucher for AIX, Linux, Windows integration, or WebSphere.

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