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BOSaNOVA ships new black 122-key PC keyboards with black thin client

BOSaNOVA ships new black 122-key PC keyboards with black thin client


Martin Pladgeman, president of BOSaNOVA Inc., said the company has begun shipping its new 122-key, 5250-terminal style PC keyboard in black.

"We have been asked many times by customers to provide black Thin Clients with black keyboards," Pladgeman said. "The market moved some time ago to using black as the standard color for office equipment. Our LTC 600 was one of the first black Thin Clients available, but black 122-key keyboards were not available until now."

By the end of the summer, the entire BOSÂNOVA Thin Client line will be black.

The 122-key driverless PC keyboards can be used with PC 5250 applications such as IBM Client Access, Rumba and any other 5250 applications where the keyboard can be re-mapped.

"The operating system of the PC has no effect on our keyboard, so there is no need to purchase expensive and problematic drivers," Pladgeman said. "We don't care if the user has DOS, Unix, Linux, Windows 3x, 9x, ME, 2000 or XP. Our keyboard will work perfectly with them all!"

The main benefit of using the 122-key, 5250 terminal-style PC keyboard is the elimination of the learning curve for terminal users moving to a Thin Client/PC environment. Users who make use of the upper row of function keys love this keyboard. Keys like "Play" and "Record" can be used just like the 5250 Terminal environment.

Pricing and availability
The 122-key driverless keyboard is available now from the BOSaNOVA network of independent VARS. Demo units are also available -- call (866) 865-5250 for details. List price for the unit is $130. More information is available at

BOSaNOVA, Inc. markets its Windows- and Linux-based BOSÂNOVA Thin Clients through a network of independent VARs. For sales information or to discuss reseller opportunities, call toll-free (866) 865-5250 or e-mail

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