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WDSC gets powerful Surveyor/400 plug-in from Linoma

WDSC gets powerful Surveyor/400 plug-in from Linoma


Linoma Software is proud to announce an extensive new plug-in for IBM's WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSC). The WDSC plug-in allows developers to take advantage of the many data, object and report management tools from Linoma's award-winning Surveyor/400 product. Most of these tools can be accessed directly within the WDSC Remote System Explorer through simple right-click menu options.

The Surveyor/400 Database File Editor has gained respect as one of the most powerful database tools for the iSeries platform. From within the WDSC Remote System Explorer, a developer can quickly launch the Surveyor/400 Database File Editor for a physical or logical file/member. The Database File Editor allows a user to quickly find, view, add, change and delete database records using an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface. Record key positioning is supported, as well as the ability to create a filter for focusing on a specific group of records.

The Database File Editor also includes tools for performing mass updates and deletes, reactivating deleted records, displaying database relations, creating custom reports and downloading data into a variety of popular PC formats. Detailed audit logs can be created for any database record additions, changes and deletions made within the Database File Editor.

The WDSC plug-in provides a comprehensive SQL editor for entering, running and testing SQL statements for the DB2/400 database system. An intuitive SQL Wizard is provided to allow a developer to quickly create a variety of SQL statements. SQL result sets can then be viewed, printed and/or downloaded into a variety of PC formats, including Excel. Multiple SQL statements can be entered as a script and saved for later use.

An additional key feature provided by the WDSC plug-in is the Surveyor/400 Object Properties screen, which shows every detail about an object through intuitive multi-tabbed panels. Launched from within the WDSC Remote System Explorer, a developer can view the object's description, creation date, change date, last used date, size, authority, locks and much more. For database files, a developer can view field layouts, database relations and member information.

A powerful Spooled File Manager is included with the WDSC plug-in that allows a developer to quickly find, display and download spooled files into PDF or text format files. The Spooled File Manager includes features for moving, deleting and releasing spooled files quickly.

A variety of additional development tools have been provided through the WDSC plug-in, including a tool for downloading database records into a variety of PC formats, one to reverse engineer database files into their corresponding DDS or DDL source code and another to prompt and run iSeries commands.

The new version of Surveyor/400 also added the ability to transfer save files via FTP to and from the workstation.

Today, literally thousands of iSeries developers and end-users enjoy Surveyor/400's productivity gains on a daily basis. The new plug-in from Linoma extends that productivity into the WDSC environment. A free fully functional trial of Surveyor/400 (which includes the WDSC plug-in) can be downloaded from Linoma Software's web site at For more information, contact Linoma Software at or 1-800-949-4696 or (402) 334-7513.

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