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ProData acquires Damon Technologies

ProData acquires Damon Technologies


ProData Computer Services, Inc., a developer of program utilities for IBM iSeries customers, announced that it has acquired Damon Technologies. Based in Omaha, Neb., Damon Technologies provides high-tech products and consulting services for the iSeries enterprise. The acquisition will enable ProData to address expanding technologies and provide Damon Technologies' product line with infrastructure, distribution capabilities and capital for additional growth.

"ProData has a loyal customer base, experienced marketing team, and a proven product suite with over 20 years of experience in the IBM midrange arena," said Schadd Gray, President and Chief Technology Officer of Damon Technologies. "Our acquisition by ProData will provide us the means to compete effectively on a long-term basis." Gray will now take on the role of CTO at ProData and oversee technology advancements.

"Damon Technologies has ventured into areas that will add to our expertise with our current product line," said Allen Hartley, Owner and Partner of ProData. "This acquisition will allow us to expand into those areas and demonstrates our commitment to continue to create quality products to meet the needs of our customers."

Damon Technologies brings RSP (RPG Server Pages), and STE (Stored Procedures Test Environment). RSP is an iSeries utility, which allows the RPG developer to visually create web content by embedding RPG inside HTML, giving developers all the capabilities of HTML and JavaScript, while using RPG for the logic and data retrieval. The RSP server component is integrated with the Apache web server delivering fast dynamic page creation. STE is a programmer utility which provides a fast and easy way to test stored procedures in the development environment. Both products will be added to ProData's product suite, best known for its flagship product, DBU, database utility, with over 15,000 installations worldwide.

About ProData

ProData Computer Services, Inc. is a leading provider of IBM eServer iSeries utilities. Founded in July 1981, ProData has been at the forefront in the creation and evolution of software for the AS/400 and was one of the first companies to work with the IBM relational database architecture. As a leader in the development of AS/400 utilities, ProData utility installations number over 15,000 with distributors located worldwide.

For more information, contact Shelli Peck at ProData is located at 2809 S 160th St, Omaha, Neb., 68130, USA. Telephone: 402.697.7575; 402.697.7576 (fax) and on the Web at

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