• January 17, 2005 17 Jan'05

    Users not so quick to give up the iSeries

    Even with its Midrange Alliance Program, Microsoft will have to fight to persuade iSeries users to give up the server. The iSeries is far better than any Windows server, they say.

  • January 13, 2005 13 Jan'05

    IBM, SAP software alternative for some PeopleSoft, JDE customers

    IBM's new offering allows SAP resources to be virtualized on IBM eServers running the Power chip. Some analysts say the software could be attractive to PeopleSoft customers leery of a future with Oracle.

  • January 13, 2005 13 Jan'05

    iSeries TV ads to air during NFL playoffs

    Are you ready for some football? How about more iSeries TV ads?

  • January 11, 2005 11 Jan'05

    Three months cut from software testing process with automated solution from Original Software

    Insurer's swelling demand for software QA contained by test automation from Original Software.

  • January 05, 2005 05 Jan'05

    Borman out as iSeries chief

    In a reshuffling of executives at Big Blue, iSeries head Mike Borman stepped down this week after only serving six months in the position.

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  • January 04, 2005 04 Jan'05

    Oracle ousts PeopleSoft execs

    Oracle has named its top executives Charles E. Phillips Jr. and Safra Catz as co-presidents of the newly merged company with PeopleSoft, according to papers filed last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • December 29, 2004 29 Dec'04

    Linux, security skills projected hot for 2005

    IT workers looking to improve their standing in the job market should look to open source, Web services and security-related skill and certification sets, according to recent research.

  • December 28, 2004 28 Dec'04

    Employee loyalty slipping for some

    As more IT jobs get outsourced to offshore locations, employees are lucky to get additional training paid by their employer. But when they do receive free training, how much time do they owe their employer?

  • December 27, 2004 27 Dec'04

    IT industry ends the year with a bang

    News from the information technology industry was downright dull for most of 2004 -- until a couple of blockbuster deals jazzed things up as the year drew to a close.

  • December 20, 2004 20 Dec'04

    IBM's spending spree adds up to a portfolio of goodies

    With an aggressive strategy to expand its software portfolio and plenty of cash to spare, IBM bought its way into several vertical markets in 2004. The deals were advantageous for all parties involved and, for IBM, it certainly beat starting from ...

  • December 20, 2004 20 Dec'04

    How saved Christmas

    What do you do when it's the night before Christmas and your iSeries gives your trouble? Turn to, of course.

  • December 07, 2004 07 Dec'04

    iSeries ads air on prime-time TV

    An ad for the i5 ran nationwide Sunday night on ABC and is expected to run on other ABC prime-time hits for the next several weeks -- proving IBM's commitment to the platform, said an iSeries exec. Could a Super Bowl ad be that much closer to a ...

  • December 03, 2004 03 Dec'04

    Joe Marx's code for formatted work job scheduler

    Joe Marx's code for formatted work job scheduler

  • November 29, 2004 29 Nov'04

    Basic security Journal Receiver Management

    Basic security Journal Receiver Management

  • November 29, 2004 29 Nov'04

    System managed journal receivers

    System managed journal receivers