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iSeries system and application security

  • Encrypting files or fields on the iSeries

    Encrypting files on iSeries is no trivial undertaking. Using vendor technologies such as those from Linoma Software and nuBridges may be easier than cobbling it all together with IBM tools. Continue Reading

  • System i security report roundup

    The AS/400 System Security Attributes report is useful to review all of the system values and network attributes to make sure that they are still set to the value that you expect based on your security policy. Then, for good measure, see how your ... Continue Reading

  • Learning guide: Simple steps to a secure iSeries

    This organized list will guide you along your way to maintaining a secure iSeries system. Undoubtedly, the iSeries is one of the most secure platforms out there, but don't be mistaken in thinking that it is untouchable. Address the basic security ... Continue Reading

  • exit program

    In computer programming, an exit program (or exit routine) is a named unit of programming code that is entered when a particular condition occurs, such as one that requires some screening for authorization. Continue Reading

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