System i tips and news from 2007

This review of System i news and tips from 2007 covers a wide range of iSeries topics. Learn about System i security and application development; find out how to adapt to Web-based applications; and learn about what IBM and iSeries software developers are doing to keep AS/400 relevant and poised for 2008.

Keep this page handy, because this review of System i news and tips from 2007 covers a wide range of iSeries topics you need to stay on top of your iSeries programming and administration game. Learn about System i security and application development; find out how to adapt to Web-based applications; and learn about what IBM and iSeries software developers are doing to keep AS/400 relevant and poised for 2008.


WebSphere Application Server: Step by Step -- Chapter 2
This complimentary chapter of WebSphere Application Server: Step by Step by Rama Turaga, Owen Cline and Peter Van Sickel will help with successful implementation of WAS V6.

Personalize your iSeries
With iSeries systems now more cost effective, many users have more of them under one roof. It's becoming more important to personalize how they look and run to match your needs.


SQL defined database: Enjoy the view
Paul Tuohy provides a simple example to show you how SQL-defined views may be beneficial in an existing environment. The easiest way to start using views is with iSeries Navigator, which is what will be used in the following examples. Contributor Paul Tuohy also provides the corresponding SQL statements.

System i FTP: Fast guide to Redbooks and articles
Need information fast on FTP for iSeries? Take a look at these publications. We've found Redbooks, articles and FAQs for everyone from novice users to experienced pros.


System i date conversions in RPG
Date conversion in RPG is something that we do without too much hassle. Years ago, we'd use wacky calculations, which are now deemed harmful to proper processing. The old "multiply by 100.0001" is a bad way to go. System i programming expert Andrew Borts explains why you need to eliminate all of these from your repertoire of conversion tools.

Fast Guide to logical partitioning
This guide explains what logical partitioning (LPAR) is, how it's used, and where it fits into the iSeries world. You'll find tips, expert advice and more to pump up your LPAR know-how.


Supporting an iSeries empire
You're on a date with your significant other and your operator calls: "The SO AND SO is down!" It's a 45-minute drive home to drop off your grumbling date. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a way to help your operator for the five minutes of keystrokes you need to enter into your iSeries?

Learning Guide: Printing from the iSeries
Printing is a critical process in any organization's application flow, so keeping your iSeries printer up and running is a must. We've gathered some of the top expert advice, tips and articles to help you print and distribute your data and reports to your users. These resources will guide you through the printing process, as well as advise you if you run into any problems.


Display documents on your iSeries -- quick and easy
Somewhere along the line, the Document Library Objects (DLO) system became somewhat reliant on OfficeVision. Sure, you can navigate around the DLO system with i5/OS DLO commands, but you are pretty much limited to displaying just the names of the DLO objects – commonly known as "documents" and "folders."

Watch those iSeries system values
Security expert Rich Loeber recently installed a new i5 System i server in his office. Loeber explains that this is always an exciting time and he normally rushes to get the system set up so he can move operations onto the new hardware as soon as possible. But, as usual, there are always steps that need to be taken to make the transition smooth.


"Time"-saving programming tips for iSeries
Do you want to know how to synchronize your iSeries' clock to NIST standards and have distributed PCs synch to your iSeries? This tutorial on iSeries clock managment shows you how.

Guide to iSeries disaster recovery planning
This guide to iSeries disaster recovery (DR) covers different aspects of iSeries DR. These include disaster recovery planning, tape recovery, backup and encryption, as well technical advice for implementing strategies, such as disaster recovery automation


What's in a name: Is it the AS/400, iSeries or System i?
IBM has emphasized that calling its midrange server by its most recent name – "System i" – will help move the platform forward. News writer Mark Fontecchio reflects on the importance of the name.

IBM System i division filing for divorce
Big Blue will split the midrange System i server platform into two pieces: one that is enterprise focused and aligned with System p and another that's geared toward SMBs.


Establish strong OS security to ward off FTP hackers
iSeries expert Richard Loeber offers more FTP server security tips to prevent hacking on your System i.

Qualified data structures: Why you should be using them
Application development expert Paul Tuohy has been receiving quite a few questions about qualified data structures and whether or not they are of much use. According to Paul, they are, and you should be using them.


PHP, RPG and System i: The app development trifecta
In response to our call for user anecdotes and advice, a user chimes in with strategies for using PHP with RPG on System i.

Is DB2 dead?
Are all relational database management systems dead? Maybe not yet, but according to a recent blog, they're past their prime.


iSeries Access for Web tutorial
In this four-part tutorial on setting up iSeries Access for Web, System i programming expert Andrew Borts details the entire process from system requirements to server configuration.

System i Web app dev for free
One System i user responds to IBM's shrinking sales on the platform and points to a free application development tools-type of model that could help System i boost sales.


Script kiddie FTP attacks on System i
Secure your System i against FTP attacks from script kiddies -- those hackers who use scripts to circumvent profile security policies.

Lazy coder: What does PHP on the i5 mean?
PHP, MySQL and other Web-based System i developer tools have made headlines in recent months. But what are they, and what do they do? ISeries programming expert Andrew Borts gives the rundown on these tools that are changing how System i is used.


System i no longer the stepchild of IBM's world
Learn about PHP, VoIP and server consolidation with iSeries in this tip from System i programming expert Andrew Borts as he explains how iSeries is the gift that keeps on giving.

Back up your System i over the holiday
Need to make sure your System i is backed up over a holiday or long weekend? I5/OS expert Kenneth Graap helps a user set up a routine that will do a complete backup when the admins are away.

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