Guide to FREE iSeries educational resources -- part 2

Here's the second organized list of FREE educational resources that will help you to improve or maintain your iSeries skill set. We've saved you the time of searching the Web and came up with a ton of links to online courses, tutorials, webcasts, white papers, tips, articles and much more. And best of all, these educational resources are all FREE!

Here's the second organized list of FREE educational resources that will help you to improve or maintain your iSeries skill set. We've saved you the time of searching the Web and came up with a ton of links to online courses, tutorials, webcasts, white papers, tips, articles and much more. And best of all, these educational resources are all FREE!

If you haven't already, check out our first guide to FREE educational resources.

This guide is a work in progress, so if you know of a good FREE educational opportunity, please let us know. Don't forget to bookmark this page, you never know when you might be in need of an iSeries lesson or tutorial.

   Systems management
   DB2 for the iSeries
   PC/Windows connectivity
   iSeries career information
   General information

   Systems management  Return to Table of Contents


Carol WoodburyCarol Woodbury, security

  • Read answers to past security questions or submit your own question to Carol

  • iSeries immune to Mydoom? Sort of

  •'s top 10 security tips

  • Free book excerpt: Information Security Best Practices -- 205 Basic Rules

  • Free Book Excerpt: Experts' Guide to OS/400 & i5/OS Security

  • Lockdown: The V5R3 security focus

  • Detecting and preventing common iSeries security exposures

  • Best practices for iSeries security

  • How to put together a workable security plan

  • Learn how to secure Internet applications on the iSeries system

  • Check your iSeries safety

  • Learning Guide: Security policy primer

  • Learn about viruses and other malware

  • 2004 iSeries security configuration study

  • White paper: Proactive approach to viruses on iSeries

  • expert webcast: Government regulations -- How do they affect your security strategy?

  • Tips and tricks for iSeries security

  • Learn how to tighten iSeries security in your shop

  • Backup and recovery

    John BrandtJohn Brandt, backup and recovery

  • Tried and true backup and recovery techniques

  • 30 backup/recovery tips in 30 minutes

  • Application recovery tool for IMS and DB2 databases: A data recovery guide

  • Backing up your iSeries

  • Learning Guide: iSeries backup & recovery

  • Backup and recovery support

  • Audit your backups and have no regrets

  • Redbook: Integrating backup recovery and media services and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

  • Learn the need for mirrored backups

  • expert webcast: Disaster recovery for the iSeries

  • Crash course: Remote journaling

  • expert webcast: Honey, I shrunk my backup/recovery windows

  • Redbook: Backup recovery and media services for OS/400: A practical approach

  • iSeries Backup & Recovery Learning Guide

  •'s Best Web Links on backup and recovery

  • High availability

  •'s Best Web Links on high availability

  • Making an HA decision: Understanding high-availability solution-type behaviors and attributes

  • HA 101 -- Examination of underlying technologies is necessary to make an informed HA buying decision

  • An overview of High Availability and disaster recovery for DB2 UDB

  • Achieve maximum uptime: High availability solutions for the iSeries

  • White paper: Exploding six common myths about iSeries High Availability

  • White paper: Benefits of Remote Journaling for iSeries High Availability

  • White paper: iSeries High Availability methodology and approach

  • General information

    Glen BunnellGlen Bunnell, systems management

  • Read answers to past systems management questions or submit your own question to Glen

  • Guide to moving applications to IASPs

  •'s expert webcast: Strategies, solutions and services for integrating UCCnet

  • Autonomic Computing on iSeries Learning Guide

  • Managing the iSeries Forum: Interact & learn with other administrators

  • Make the best decisions for your data center

  • Tips and tricks for system management

  • Monitoring your iSeries system

  • How to boost system performance

  • Managing your iSeries

  •   DB2 for the iSeries  Return to Table of Contents

    Kent MilliganKent Milligan, DB2 UDB expert

  • Read answers to past DB2 questions or submit your own question to Kent

  • Fast guide to redbooks on stored procedures

  • Crash course on stored procedures

  • DB2 Universal Database for the iSeries -- You'll find a lot of valuable information here

  • View recent DB2 tips from

  • Get a free copy of the DB2 UDB V8.1 SQL Cookbook courtesy of Graeme Birchall

  • Free online course by DB2 guru Kent Milligan: DB2 UDB for iSeries - V5R3 update

  • A practical guide to DB2 UDB data replication V8

  • Tutorial: DB2 Planning

  • Tutorial: DB2 Security

  • Tutorial: Accessing DB2 UDB Data

  • Tutorial: Working with DB2 UDB Data

  • Redbook: WebSphere Portal Server and DB2 Information Integrator: A Synergistic Solution

  • Redbook: Preparing for and tuning the V5R2 SQL Query Engine on DB2

  • White paper: The not-so-silent strengths of DB2

  • Using DB2 Development Center with DB2 UDB for iSeries

  • Best practices for a three-tier application with Linux on iSeries and DB2

  • expert webcast: DB2 UDB for iSeries -- V5R2 Enhancements to the iSeries' self-managing database

  •   Networking  Return to Table of Contents

  •'s Best Web Links on iSeries networking

  • Tips, news, Q&As, webcast and much more on network management

  • IBM networking iSeries requirements for TCP/IP over Twinax

  • Transform your iSeries into a Network Print Server with iSeries NetServer

  • iSeries networking: Tips and expert Q&As

  • White paper: An overview of iSeries TCP/IP support

  • Managing OS/400 with Operations Navigator V5R1 Volume 6: Networking

  • expert webcast: iSeries FTP automation made easy

  •   PC/Windows connectivity  Return to Table of Contents

    Shahar MorShahar Mor, PC/Windows connectivity expert

  • Read answers to past connectivity questions or submit your own question to Shahar

  • Performing Windows and Linux integration on the iSeries server: File/print serving

  • Connecting to iSeries: Learn about the variety of clients, interfaces, and applications for connecting to iSeries

  • Best practices for Windows and Linux integration in the iSeries server

  • Redbook: iSeries Access for Windows V5R2 Hot Topics: Tailored images, application administration, SSL and Kerberos

  • Redbook: Windows-based single signon and the EIM Framework on the IBM eServer iSeries server

  • iSeries Windows' integration

  • Print off the iSeries to a remote location

  • ODBC connectivity

  • PC/Window connectivity advice

  • The proper way to transfer data to the iSeries

  • White paper: Remote dial-in access and the iSeries: Making sense of your choices

  •'s Best Web Links on PC/Windows connectivity

  •   iSeries career information  Return to Table of Contents

    Vic SbregaVic Sbrega, career expert

  • Read answers to past career questions or submit your own question to Vic

  • Best Web Links on iSeries salary & hiring

  • Fast guide to career resources

  • How much are you worth? Find out in's free salary survey

  • expert webcast: Reinvigorating your interest in your IT career

  • expert webcast: How to find an IT job in a poor job market

  • expert webcast: Networking your way into a new job

  • iSeries career tips and tricks

  • How to stay on the iSeries career path

  •   General information  Return to Table of Contents

  • Games and puzzles: iSeries learning made fun

  • Find a user group nearest you: Take advantage of free networking & learning

  • iSeries freeware/shareware library

  •'s Buyer's Guide: research & compare vendors and products

  • Free online dictionary and thesaurus

  • Free encyclopedia -- access more than 14,000 articles

  • Free iSeries Web sites

  • eServer Magazine iSeries Edition

  • IBM eServer iSeries Resource Library

  • IBM's eServer i5 and iSeries Web site

  • IGNITe/400

  • iSeries Nation

  • MC Press Online


  • Midrange Professionals Tech Tips

  • Midrange Server



  • Dig Deeper on iSeries training and education

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