Fast guide to i5 and i5/OS resources

Need help understanding just what the i5 servers and i5/OS are all about? Here are a few IBM publications and Web sites to help you out.

Need help understanding just what the i5 servers and i5/OS are all about? Here are a few IBM publications and Web sites to help you out.

eServer iSeries Information Center for V5R3
Refer to this site for technical advice when installing the operating system or using any of its features.


eServer Information Center: Partitioning for i5/OS
Not sure about using partitions with i5/OS? Get tips and advice here.


IBM eServer iSeries Migration A guide to upgrades and migrations to POWER technology
Planning an upgrade from an existing AS/400e or iSeries server to a new model can range from upgrading a very simple plug to performing a complex task in the migration process. This IBM Redbook discusses the various topics that are involved in migrating to the new PCI-X, and POWER5 processor technology. It examines other significant functions such as high-speed link.

It includes upgrade scenarios to assist with your planning. It also explains upgrades that involve LPAR. And it describes the tower options that preserve investments in older hardware, or which hardware can be used to migrate to new technology.


DB2 Universal Database for iSeries Administration: The Graphical Way on V5R3
This IBM Redbook presents an overview of all V5R3 iSeries Navigator functions to manage and administer DB2 UDB for iSeries. It serves as a companion guide for the database administrator to use DB2 UDB for iSeries. It includes the latest announced features in V5R3 that iSeries Navigator provides for the database administrator of DB2 UDB for iSeries.

This Redbook also includes the new graphical interface provided for database in V5R3. In addition, it covers the following topics:

  • Defining tables, indexes, views, and other database objects
  • Defining and managing constraints
  • Database Navigator maps
  • Reverse engineering and Generate SQL
  • Run SQL Script center
  • Visual Explain


IBM eServer iSeries Printing VII: Infoprint Server Implementation
This IBM Redpaper builds on the extensive coverage of IBM Redbook "IBM eServer iSeries Printing VI: Delivering the Output of e-business," SG24-6250. It expands the implementation guidance for output delivery applications and includes new support available in V5R3. The target audience of this paper is iSeries clients, IBM Business Partners, and IBM IT specialists who need to implement e-business communications solutions with Infoprint Server.

The principal focus of the paper is intelligent routing. Intelligent routing is a set of capabilities that enable the profiled delivery of business documents and reports to customers and users in the most productive format (print, Web, e-mail, fax). The intelligent routing functions are delivered with two different enabling interfaces. You'll find step-by-step coverage of both interfaces as well as sample programming to get you up and running quickly.

In addition, you'll find related tips and application techniques. These include use of color in iSeries documents, interfacing intelligent routing with fax functions, PDF encryption, and performance considerations.


IBM eServer i5 and iSeries System Handbook: IBM i5/OS Version 5 Release 3
The new IBM eServer i5 servers are the first servers in the industry based on the IBM POWER5 64-bit microprocessor. They give the flexibility to move from one generation of technology to another without disrupting a company's business. IBM i5/OS Version 5 Release 3, the next generation of OS/400, features support for multiple operating systems and application environments on a single, simplified platform.

This twenty-sixth edition of the IBM eServer i5 and iSeries System Handbook supports these latest IBM eServer iSeries announcements. It provides a product and feature overview of the newest eServer i5 Models 520 and 570, and it describes the newest release of operating system software, i5/OS V5R3. It also describes iSeries Models 800, 810, 825, 870, and 890. Information is featured to describe all aspects of today's eServer i5 servers, from the architectural foundation to performance considerations.

This handbook is written for use by IBM system specialists, marketing representatives, business bartners and clients. It answers first-level questions and offers a comprehensive guide to the IBM eServer iSeries models, associated hardware, and OS/400-related software currently marketed by IBM representatives.


IBM eServer i5 and iSeries Technical Conference (Cannes, France)
The objective of this forum is to provide technical enablement to IBM customers, partners, ISVs and IBMers based on the latest iSeries release. Not only will participants see the latest presentations, but they will perform via hands-on labs.

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