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Fast guide to PC/Windows connectivity resources

In an effort to save you time scouring the Web, we've pulled together a quick reference of PC/Windows connectivity resources to help make your iSeries connections run smoothly.

Shahar MorShahar Mor, PC/Windows connectivity expert

  • Read answers to past connectivity questions or submit your own question to Shahar

  • Performing Windows and Linux integration on the iSeries server: File/print serving

  • Connecting to iSeries: Learn about the variety of clients, interfaces, and applications for connecting to iSeries

  • Best practices for Windows and Linux integration in the iSeries server

  • Here's an implementation guide for the IBM integrated xSeries Server for iSeries

  • iSeries Access for Windows V5R2 Hot Topics: Tailored Images, Application Administration, SSL, and Kerberos

  • Windows-based single signon and the EIM Framework on the IBM eServer iSeries server

  • iSeries Windows' integration

  • Print off the iSeries to a remote location

  • ODBC connectivity

  • PC/Window connectivity advice

  • The proper way to transfer data to the iSeries

  • Remote dial-in access and the iSeries: Making sense of your choices

  •'s Best Web Links on PC/Windows connectivity

  • Dig Deeper on Multi-platform Integration

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