WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSC)

WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSC) is a set of application development tools designed for the IBM iSeries server. The WDSC basic edition offers user-friendly, easy-to-learn tools to help providers optimize e-business applications. The advanced edition includes additional functions for the more experienced iSeries Web developer.

Both the basic and the advanced WDSC packages provide subfile and Web diagram support, add visual components to the Visual Editor for Java palette, and facilitate easy debugging across multiple tiers and platforms. The advanced edition includes an integrated development toolkit, UML (Unified Modeling Language) editing, code analysis, and automated testing and deployment tools.

The original WebSphere (a trademark of IBM) is a set of Java-based tools for creating and managing business Web sites. The central tool is the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) for connecting Web site users with Java applets or servlets.

This was last updated in February 2006

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