• March 29, 2007 29 Mar'07

    Managing Without Walls -- Chapter 7

    Transform a group of individuals working independently to achieve their own goals into a team working collaboratively to achieve the team's goals.  Continue Reading

  • March 29, 2007 29 Mar'07

    System i printing: Configuring an ASCII printer

    System i printing expert Chip Milosch often comes across users with this question. "I have a XXXX ASCII printer on my network. How can I make this printer available to my iSeries users?" Thankfully Chip has been working with iSeries-AS/400 printers...  Continue Reading

  • March 28, 2007 28 Mar'07

    System i modularization -- part 3

    Modularization is key to reaping the benefits of ILE. It is the major factor in cutting development time and increasing programmer productivity -- the more effective the modularization, the more productive the programming staff. But it's important ...  Continue Reading