• April 25, 2006 25 Apr'06

    Advanced trigger applications -- part 3

    Here you'll learn three unique trigger programs that solve real-world problems.  Continue Reading

  • April 20, 2006 20 Apr'06

    Read-only tip

    Times exist when you need to allow a user to sign on the system, but not let them modify data. In other words, they need to be a "look but don't touch" or have a "read-only" profile. Unfortunately, there is no system value or user profile ...  Continue Reading

  • April 19, 2006 19 Apr'06

    Indicators: Two ways to name them

    Naming your numeric indicators used in screen displays or printer files is an effective way to make your programs more readable and understandable, but did you know there are two ways it can be done? The first method is associating a data structure...  Continue Reading