• March 31, 2005 31 Mar'05

    iSeries execs give users renewed hope

    Will the iSeries be successful again? After hearing what iSeries executives had to say at the spring COMMON conference, columnist and author Brian Kelly is more encouraged than ever that things will turn around.  Continue Reading

  • March 29, 2005 29 Mar'05

    The ins and outs of journaling -- Part III

    A benefit of using journaling to protect against data loss is that it uses a lot less disk space than mirroring, as it protects only files. However, that's also its disadvantage. In this tip Ron Turull shows you how to use a journal for disaster ...  Continue Reading

  • March 28, 2005 28 Mar'05

    Blunder #3: That ever-dreaded "panic" call

    It's never pleasant when you receive that "panic" call in the middle of the night. "All of the jobs are "bombing! What should I we do?" At the time this user's shop was using the Mapics system and a product that allowed them to create multiple ...  Continue Reading