• December 19, 2005 19 Dec'05

    Granting user B the same private authorities as user A

    One Search400.com member writes, "I have a new user, and I want to give him all the authorities on objects which his predecessor has in his profile. To further clarify my query, I would like to give same authorities on objects to profile B which ...  Continue Reading

  • December 19, 2005 19 Dec'05

    Security implemented via default settings

    One Search400.com member writes, "I'm looking at security implemented via default settings." Do you see a risk of having any of the above commands not set to *EXCLUDE (e.g., *USE)?" Security expert Carol Woodbury says it depends. Click over and see...  Continue Reading

  • December 19, 2005 19 Dec'05

    Why is my job taking twice as long?

    We are running a series of overnight downloads from the iSeries using SQL server with ODBC connections. The job runs in subsystem QUSRWRK. The job, which once took two hours, leapt to a current five hours with no apparent changes to jobs, ...  Continue Reading

  • December 16, 2005 16 Dec'05

    Cleaning up the QSYS library

    One Search400.com member writes, "How can I clean up the QSYS library? Currently my system's ASP is nearing its threshold value (75%) and upon checking, I found out that the QSYS library has consumed 50% of the storage used. How can I free it up? ...  Continue Reading

  • December 16, 2005 16 Dec'05

    Why can't we change the system value?

    One Search400.com member wrote, "We recently upgraded to V5R3, and we're no longer able to change system value QUTCOFFSET. Do you know what the problem is?" Systems management expert Dan Reusche explains what is going on.  Continue Reading

  • December 16, 2005 16 Dec'05

    Replacing a multiple copy, pin feed with a laser check

    One Search400 member writes, "I am trying to replace a multiple copy, pin feed check with a laser check. I need to print the check plus three copies on different colored paper with different instructions on each copy. I created four printer files ...  Continue Reading

  • December 16, 2005 16 Dec'05

    Full system save with IBM's Advanced Job Scheduler

    One Search400.com member writes, "Does IBM's Advanced Job Scheduler allow one to schedule a full system backup on specific dates? If so, how would this be accomplished?" Backup and recovery expert Ken Graap explains.  Continue Reading