• November 30, 2005 30 Nov'05

    Tuning the auto-tuner

    The automatic performance adjustment on the iSeries can help you keep your system in step with workload changes. But if your workload changes very quickly, the auto-tuner may need some help from you. Dan Reusche shows you what you can do to assist ...  Continue Reading

  • November 30, 2005 30 Nov'05

    Readers respond to Fast400 settlement

    Recently, Search400.com asked readers what they thought about the Fast400 saga. No one seemed in favor of the CFINT governor, some were leery of the performance boosting software's business legitimacy.  Continue Reading

  • November 29, 2005 29 Nov'05

    Backing up one iSeries to another iSeries

    This user has two iSeries servers both running i5/OS R2. How can he back up system A onto system B? Search400.com expert Ken Graap advises.  Continue Reading

  • November 15, 2005 15 Nov'05

    Bypassing the 65,000 row limit in Excel via the iSeries

    When you need to upload more than 65,000 rows of data from the iSeries to Excel, use the "Receive files from Host icon". Learn how in this Search400.com tip.  Continue Reading

  • November 15, 2005 15 Nov'05

    Open ports for ODBC

    One user writes, "We had a power failure in the morning when there was no one was on site. The iSeries shut down and then IPL'd when the power was restored. When the offices opened for business, the users were unable to do any ODBC functions. The ...  Continue Reading

  • November 15, 2005 15 Nov'05

    Accessing reorg time

    One Search400.com member writes, "We have sales order file that is about 27 GB in size and contains 27 million records. The file has approximately 12 million deleted records. Is it possible to reorg that file dynamically? How can I assess the time ...  Continue Reading

  • November 15, 2005 15 Nov'05

    Connecting an HP LaserJet to the iSeries

    One user writes, "I'm using a HP LaserJet 3030. I would like to use the printer to my iSeries. What's the best method to follow?" Printing and output expert Chip Milosch responds.  Continue Reading

  • November 15, 2005 15 Nov'05

    Import a text file

    One user writes, " I need to 'import' a text file located in the user computer to a DB2 table in the database. What's the best way to do this?" DB2 expert Kent Milligan offers some advice.  Continue Reading

  • November 15, 2005 15 Nov'05

    Setting the*CMD parameter

    I want to set the*CMD parameter in the CHGUSRAUD command for the users who have user class in *SECOFR.


    How can I write the CL?  Continue Reading

  • November 15, 2005 15 Nov'05

    Variable-length fields in RPG IV

    One Search400.com user writes, "Is there a way to utilize variable-length fields in RPG IV? We do not use free form yet." Application development expert John Blenkinsop responds.  Continue Reading

  • November 14, 2005 14 Nov'05

    Eliminate the hassle of recreating configuration objects

    Creating configuration objects, especially lines, controllers and devices for communications, can be time-consuming. You'd hate to create objects only to have to recreate them from scratch should they get deleted. Fortunately, there's a command that...  Continue Reading

  • November 14, 2005 14 Nov'05

    Take control of your iSeries network security -- Part 2

    In his previous tip, Rich Loeber told you how to use the Job Action network attribute to help control network security. This week he shows you how Client Request Access and DDM Request Access control PC access and remote access to your iSeries.  Continue Reading

  • November 14, 2005 14 Nov'05

    COMMON focuses on service-oriented architecture

    For its spring 2006 conference, the iSeries user group COMMON plans to focus on service-oriented architecture. COMMON's Bob Krzeczowski says the technology will be a big part of the education curriculum going forward.  Continue Reading