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Ask the Experts

  • SQL view that SELECTS on functions

    This user was having an issue with his SQL view on his iSeries that SELECTS on a few functions. Db2 Expert Kent Milligan explained what was going on.  Continue Reading

  • Scheduling a SQL update statement

    One user writes, "I need to run a SQL Update statement after hours, and it would be nice to schedule it. I saw your posting about the RUNSQLSTM command, but I've had no success with it. I tried saving my command in the STRSQL run, which it saved to ...  Continue Reading

  • Error message of null values

    One user wrties, "In V5R3 I got the error message of null values not allowed in column or variable ZORD#T for SQL update." DB2 expert Kent Milligan offers some advice.  Continue Reading

  • Recommended index not used

    One user writes, "Using SQL performance monitor of Operation Navigator, an index was recommended. I created the recommended index, but it looks like the system doesn't use it. I find it strange that the index is recommended and then not used. Is ...  Continue Reading

  • FTP to non QGPL

    One user writes, "How can I send files from a PC running a VB program straight to a designated library within iSeries without going to QGPL? We have sales representatives that run Visual Basic (VB) programs to create orders from their laptops. Once ...  Continue Reading

  • Import a text file to a DB2 table

    One user writes, "I need to "import" a text file located in the user computer to a DB2 table in the database, what's the best way to do this?" DB2 expert Kent Milligan offers some advice.  Continue Reading

  • RPG-free routine to calculate dates

    One user writes, "I thought that I saw somewhere an RPG-free routine using %DATE (bif) to calculate the day of the week. For example, MON, TUE, etc.? I need to place the day on a screen." Development expert John Blenkinsop responds.  Continue Reading

  • List of who changed the system date

    One user writes, "Is there a way we can see the list of all the persons who changed the system date?" Systems management expert Dan Reusche was on hand to offer some advice.  Continue Reading

  • Printer output file won't open

    One user writes, "Within iSeries Navigator, I tried to open a printer output file and it wouldn't open, and I'm not receiving any error messages. The Navigator I'm using has iSeries Access for Windows Version 5 Release 2 Mod Lvl 0. My Windows ...  Continue Reading

  • Manipulating a file

    One user writes, "How would I go about taking a list of users and making it a file that I can manipulate? For example, "wrkusrprf *all"." Thankfully, development expert John Blenkinsop was one hand to offer some advice.  Continue Reading

  • SQL statement help needed

    This user had a few questions regarding SQL statements. DB2 UDB expert Kent Milligan was on hand to help him out.  Continue Reading

  • Finding passwords that are close to expiration

    One user writes, "Is there a file that can be queried or a report that can be run that will show users with passwords close to the expiration date?" Thankfully, security expert Carol Woodbury was on hand to offer advice.  Continue Reading

  • Connecting WebSphere to a DB2 database

    One user writes, "How can I connect WebSphere on my iSeries to a DB2 database on an AIX machine? We've tried a number of different methods configuring JDBC drivers, but nothing seems to work." Web development expert Jim Mason offered some advice.  Continue Reading

  • Interrupting a user's session

    One user writes, "I want to send the user a message that will interrupt their session and remind them to transmit the payroll. Right now I send break messages throughout the day. The user doesn't want the reminder if they already executed the job....  Continue Reading

  • WebSphere error during login process

    One user writes, "We have installed WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSC) 5.1.2 to reface an iSeries green-screen application and create a browser-based user interface using the IBM WebFacing tool. The server is WebSphere Application server ...  Continue Reading