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Ask the Experts

  • Accessing reorg time

    One member writes, "We have sales order file that is about 27 GB in size and contains 27 million records. The file has approximately 12 million deleted records. Is it possible to reorg that file dynamically? How can I assess the time ...  Continue Reading

  • Variable-length fields in RPG IV

    One user writes, "Is there a way to utilize variable-length fields in RPG IV? We do not use free form yet." Application development expert John Blenkinsop responds.  Continue Reading

  • SOX regulations concerning applications

    One user writes, "Are there special requirements in the SOX laws that are related to the need of technical documentation on the applications?" Security expert Carol Woodbury responds.  Continue Reading

  • Open ports for ODBC

    One user writes, "We had a power failure in the morning when there was no one was on site. The iSeries shut down and then IPL'd when the power was restored. When the offices opened for business, the users were unable to do any ODBC functions. The ...  Continue Reading

  • Setting the*CMD parameter

    I want to set the*CMD parameter in the CHGUSRAUD command for the users who have user class in *SECOFR.


    How can I write the CL?  Continue Reading

  • Verifying a backup is complete

     Continue Reading

  • SQL Encrypt scalar function

    One member writes, " I just read "Column Encryption in IBM DB2 UDB for iSeries. What is the encryption algorithm used?" DB2 UDB expert Kent Milligan explains.  Continue Reading

  • Securing the iSeries Helpdesk

    This member is trying to secure his iSeries Helpdesk. He understands that he has a few options, but he's not sure which method would be the best. Systems management expert Scott Ingvaldson shares his thoughts.  Continue Reading

  • Trimming blanks

    One member writes, " How can I remove blanks when doing an FTP? If the field is "Jack," I would like to end up with "Jack" and not "Jack ". I have looked at your response for the CPYTOIMPF and do not see the option you are ...  Continue Reading

  • Changing QCRTAUT from *CHANGE to *USE

    One user writes, "I have been asked by an auditor to change the QCRTAUT value from *Change to *Use. If I change the libraries to *USE rather than the SYSVAL, will I accomplish the same thing without having to perform an in-depth study of Appendix D...  Continue Reading

  • Using 15,000 line RPG programs

    Ine user writes, "I have a strange problem with a 15000 line RPG program in which all of the 99 indicators are used. I need at least one more indicator to use in the display file the program uses. I need to use that one in the display ...  Continue Reading

  • iSeries communication conflict

    One member writes, "We are running V5R2 and have a PC running Microsoft DOS that controls equipment through a C program and produces an export file that we need to access. Moving to Windows is problematic. " Thankfully, iSeries ...  Continue Reading

  • Saving escape characters

    One user writes, "How can I send escape characters to a network printer to change the font, orientation, etc? We currently do this with a printer interface module using "passthrough". When we try to send escape characters (hex 1B) directly to the ...  Continue Reading

  • Using the Print user profile command

    This iSeries user wonders if there Is a way to generate a report/file to display users, password expiration levels and date password expires. Security expert Carol Woodbury responds.  Continue Reading

  • Determining the speed of an Ethernet card

    One user writes, "How can I determine the speed of an Ethernet card on the iSeries?" Systems management expert Rich Belles shares his method.  Continue Reading