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  • Full system save with IBM's Advanced Job Scheduler

    One member writes, "Does IBM's Advanced Job Scheduler allow one to schedule a full system backup on specific dates? If so, how would this be accomplished?" Backup and recovery expert Ken Graap explains.  Continue Reading

  • Cleaning up the QSYS library

    One member writes, "How can I clean up the QSYS library? Currently my system's ASP is nearing its threshold value (75%) and upon checking, I found out that the QSYS library has consumed 50% of the storage used. How can I free it up? ...  Continue Reading

  • Problems with new server and PC

    One user writes, "We have made some changes in our network. We added a new server, and a new PC was installed in the old V3R2 Client Access. We are still running OS/400 V3R7 on the iSeries. In the old network, which is still available, I can see in...  Continue Reading

  • Resetting SST user passwords

    One member wrote, "How can I reset SST user passwords?" Security expert Carol Woodbury was on hand to offer some advice.  Continue Reading

  • TCP/IP connection between the two iSeries

    One member wrote, "I have two iSeries servers with the same configuration, V5R3M0. Both servers are in one city, and I'd like to establish remote journaling between the two. What is the best way to establish a TCP/IP connection between...  Continue Reading

  • How to import an iSeries file

    One user writes, "How can I import a file that is sitting in a network server into an iSeries using FTP? Is it possible that it can be automated within the iSeries?" Thankfully, PC/Windows connectivity expert Shahar Mor was on hand ...  Continue Reading

  • How to permanently apply PTFs

    One member writes, "I have an iSeries 620 box running V5R1. I temporarily applied PTF (TL03175) on this box and then IPL it on the B side. The next day I did an IPL on A side and still find that the PTL is temporarily applied. I again ...  Continue Reading

  • Backing up one iSeries to another iSeries

    This user has two iSeries servers both running i5/OS R2. How can he back up system A onto system B? expert Ken Graap advises.  Continue Reading

  • Accessing reorg time

    One member writes, "We have sales order file that is about 27 GB in size and contains 27 million records. The file has approximately 12 million deleted records. Is it possible to reorg that file dynamically? How can I assess the time ...  Continue Reading

  • Connecting an HP LaserJet to the iSeries

    One user writes, "I'm using a HP LaserJet 3030. I would like to use the printer to my iSeries. What's the best method to follow?" Printing and output expert Chip Milosch responds.  Continue Reading