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Ask the Experts

  • Command to manage longer addresses

    One user wirtes, "I am working with an iSeries application that uses the commands: strpccmd/strpco to redirect the user to a Web page on a local server. I would like the application to redirect to a different Web page but the address is too long ...  Continue Reading

  • CPF3291 error on a rstlib command

    On a rstlib command (from a sav lib created tape) I get a CPF3291 error when the restore is to a second library (development restore of production data). All of the data and logical files are contained in the same directory, though the logicals ...  Continue Reading

  • Who signed on to the production system?

    One member writes, "I want to know who signs on to our production system during non-supported hours and report on this (for SOX reasons).Simply manually scanning through the History log is not enough any longer. How can I automate this...  Continue Reading

  • Convert iSeries output into a PDF

    One member writes, "Please recommend the best way to convert iSeries output into a PDF and then e-mail it to recipients. The programs generating the output are written in COBOL. We are licensed for Infoprint Server." Printing/output ...  Continue Reading