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iSeries systems management

  • Performance degradation

    One member writes, "If the cache battery failed for the iSeries system (RAID5), is the system performance degraded?" Systems management expert Rich Belles says yes.  Continue Reading

  • Extract info from the i5 into an Excel database file

    One member writes, "I am the sales/marketing manager for a telephone company. We use an i5 system. How can I extract information from the i5 into an Excel database file? I need customer mailing information for direct mailers, and I ...  Continue Reading

  • Who signed on to the production system?

    One member writes, "I want to know who signs on to our production system during non-supported hours and report on this (for SOX reasons).Simply manually scanning through the History log is not enough any longer. How can I automate this...  Continue Reading

  • Why can't we change the system value?

    One member wrote, "We recently upgraded to V5R3, and we're no longer able to change system value QUTCOFFSET. Do you know what the problem is?" Systems management expert Dan Reusche explains what is going on.  Continue Reading

  • Cleaning up the QSYS library

    One member writes, "How can I clean up the QSYS library? Currently my system's ASP is nearing its threshold value (75%) and upon checking, I found out that the QSYS library has consumed 50% of the storage used. How can I free it up? ...  Continue Reading